Bilingual Chemical Engineer
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Location: Golden, CO, USA
School: Colorado School of Mines
Field of Study: Chemical Engineering

Bilingual Chemical Engineer

Carla Osuna

Colorado School of Mines, Golden, CO
Major: Chemical Engineering
Graduation Date: August 2019


Tetra Tech Intern | May, 2018 –August, 2018
• Analyzed and interpreted data relating to waste water treatment facilities
• Communicated with vendors and helped keep the procurement process flowing smoothly.
• Reviewed and revised submittals.
• Learned to read and interpret P&ID’s for waste water plants.
• Acquired knowledge regarding waste water treatment through reading texts, project proposals, and
performing data analysis.
• Researched equipment and contacted vendors to begin and progress purchasing processes.
• Assisted in conducting bench scale experiments for polymer testing on abandoned coal mine discharge.

Undergraduate Research – Colorado School of Mines – Dr. Carreon Researcher | October 2017-Present
• Synthesized various materials by manipulating conditions to optimize characteristic qualities such as
porosity, crystallinity, pore size, etc.
• Designed and implemented experimental procedures to modify the pore size of porous organic cage
• Operated XRD, BET and SEM machinery to characterize materials.
• Performed a large series of experimental tests safely in a laboratory setting.

Tusaar Corp. Intern | June, 2017 –August, 2017
• Prepared for and ran isotherm tests, as well as properly prepared samples for analysis.
• Followed SOP to prepare solutions for carbon modifications.
• Conducted isotherm qualification tests to assess product performance.
• Assisted in safely performing potentially hazardous oxidations in lab, operating at peak production
capacity for relatively large scale production.
• Assisted in dishwashing and maintaining a clean lab environment to ensure accurate lab results.
• Contributed to troubleshooting failed lab experiments and expanding an experimental matrix to identify
the source of error and properly retest.
• Kept track of samples in large experimental matrices (300+ samples) with multiple variables.
• Learned to work in environments with strong and conflicting personalities.


• Fluent in Spanish and English. Proficient in French.
Software Experience
• Very experienced in Excel, Word, and other Microsoft software. Working knowledge of ASPEN, COMSOL, and PolyMath.
Work Ethic
• Organized, exceptional attention to detail and time management skills, willing to learn, and
successful both in a team and individually.
• Safety measures, familiar with various washing procedures, titrations, neutralizations, oxidations,
isotherms testing, kinetic sampling and solution preparation.

Bilingual, responsible, environmentally passionate, organized, time-management skills