Bilingual Broadcast Journalist
Location: New York, NY, USA
School: The Pennsylvania State University
Major: Communications

Bilingual Broadcast Journalist

Over the past five years, I have had hands on experience with Adobe Premiere/Audition, Outlook, Microsoft Office programs, the creation of advertising/media, and teamwork skills while working part-time in several studios, beauty salons, as well as being a full-time student at Penn State University. I graduated Penn State University Spring 2019 with a B.A. in Broadcast Journalism and Communications Arts & Sciences. After graduation is continued my career in communications by interning at a beauty PR firm, HvM Communications in NYC. I learned a lot about the PR world and how to manage big-named clients. In my previous positions, I helped develop and implement new story ideas while accomplishing it in a timely and organized manner as I would with this position. Being fluent in Spanish and English has allowed me to communicate better with others, which can help out the company as well. With my work experience, I am confident that I could fill the position exceptionally well. I have always succeeded in working as a leader in groups. I am very experienced in documenting events and sharing stories to help make an impact amongst the community. I am very familiar with YouTube so much I even have my own channel. Social media is a very important factor of our day-to-day lives. We check it every time we look at our phones. My overall goal is to expand in the media industry and help make positive impacts in the community by spreading the right content.
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Journalist, Writer, producer, videography, photography