Bhratesh Resume
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Location: Dallas, TX, USA
University: The University of Texas at Dallas
Major: Information Technology and Management

Bhratesh Resume

Bhratesh Verma
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The University of Texas at Dallas, Richardson TX
Graduating May-2020
M.S., Information Technology and Management

Prestige Institute Of Management & Research, DAVV, Indore May-2017
B.S., Computer Applications 3.69


Certifications: Google Ads Search, Google Ads Mobile, Google Analytics
Individual Qualification (IQ)
Programming: R(ggplot2, dplyr, caret) , Python(Numpy, pandas, Scipy), C,
Software: Power BI, Tableau, SAP BI, Data Warehousing, SAP HANA, SAP
Netweaver, SAP Lumira, Google Analytics (SEO, PPC, Social
Media Campaigning, A/B Testing), SAP BO Predictive Modelling,
QlikView, Gephi, Visual Studio, Advanced Excel (VBA, V-lookup,
Macros, Solver)
Databases: Oracle RDBMS, MySQL, MS Access, MongoDB
Machine Learning: Regression Techniques, Classification Models, Clustering, K
Nearest Neighbors, Random Forest


Digital Integrator Pvt. Ltd. (DIPL) September 2017- November 2017 (90 days)
Software Development Intern
• Assisted in development of a software project for a pharmaceutical company
using JAVA
• Designed relational database system of 3rd normalized form by modeling ER
diagram using Microsoft Access to reduce data redundancy
• Managed workshops for cross-functional teams clarifying business goals to
increase efficiency by 17.5%

TATA International Ltd. May 2016-June 2016 (45 days)
IT Dept. Intern
• Developed, maintained, and enhanced SAP Functionality by applying SAP BI and
Materials Management Modules and tracked weekly sales data to chart whether
departments hit goals.
• Created Physical Inventory document with respect to storage locations
• Provided support to end-users. Increased customer satisfaction by 10% and
responsible for error analysis, research of the same and to provide corrective
solutions and suggest preventive actions to avoid recurrence


Data Science- Cardiovascular Disease Detection February 2019
• Analyzed 70k+ data containing 12 attributes to develop a disease detection
model for predicting the prevalence of heart disease
• Implemented machine learning algorithms such as Random forests, kth nearest
neighbors to come up with the best accuracy of 96%
• Utilized Python libraries such as NumPy, pandas, Scikit-learn and Scipy to
identify different trends and relations between different pieces of data

Twitter Sentiment Analysis: October 2018
• Performed Sentiment Analysis using tweets on Surface Pro 4 and iPad Pro using
SAP HANA and SAP Lumira for visualization to determine the writer's attitude
towards the product with around 2000 rows.
• Improved the temporal performance of fetching the tweets from twitter by
1.5% by optimizing python code.
• Identified the loopholes in applications of BI, suggesting the future scope of BA
in the industry.

Integrated Analysis on Titanic Dataset: October- 2018
• Implemented K-means clustering analysis using R to find the optimum number
of Clusters
• Designed decision tree and applied logistic regression using R to identify key
decision variables
• Integrated R Model with Tableau to visualize which Cluster depicts higher
probability of survival

Tableau, R, Python, SAP HANA, MySQL, C, C++, C#.NET, JAVA, UNIX, PL/SQL