Berenice"s Resume
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Location: New York, NY, USA
School: CUNY Brooklyn
Major: Business

Berenice"s Resume

Berenice James
Brooklyn, NY 11213 • ------------ • ------------


Aspiring Marketing professional currently pursuing BBA with a concentration in Marketing. Proven communication and time management skills developed from working with diverse clientele in a fast paced environment. Strong work ethic gained from experiences having served as an assistant intern at numerous locations around New York City. Possess ability to problem solving as well as organize duties and responsibilities. Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and google Drive Slide and sheets.


Brooklyn College, City University of New York Expected Graduation: May 2021
Bachelor of Business Administration a concentration in Marketing,


Marisa Ellison, Brooklyn, NY January 2019 - Present
Maintain, organize/rearrange, high end clothing to showcase current pieces in the studio.
Pickup and return different clothing to different high retail brands in addition to running errands throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn.
Interact with different partners/collaborators.
Maintain and organized inventory at photoshoots
Assist magazine and commercial shoots, by receiving incoming delivers ensuing model is dressed properly for shoot.

Black Stallion Trading, New York, NY July - August 2019
Managed visual displays and maintain, organize/rearrange, brand name clothing to showcase current pieces.
Use Microsoft Word to create display sheets and Excel to develop and update order sheets and inventory.
Provided administrative assistance through emails, phone calls, and follow-ups with various vendors and clientele.

REP PR Agency, New York, NY January - June 2019
Maintained client relationships through constant communication via follow up emails and phone calls.
Secured contracts with clients , Maintained, organized/rearranged, high end “ready to wear” clothing to showcase current pieces.
Assist fashion runway shows, checked invitations, assigned seats to last minute arrivals.
Managed visual displays two days weekly to secure potential clients.
Promoted awareness of special opportunities to clients such as celebrity stylist, magazine stylist.
Picked up/dropped off designer looks/pieces to numerous clients.
Secured invitations and appointments.
Provided inventory checks to keep track of items which leave and return.
Research potential clients partners using instagram.


Aritzia, New York, NY November 2019- Present
Greet customers, maintaining client relationships through constant communication.
Fill in for style advisor when needed.
Manage store visual displays/ knowledge of each product.
Operated Cashier handling approximately 600 in cash & credit transactions.
Managed/maintained fitting room/ Returned items to original location in the store.

Paris Baguette, New York, NY September 2018 - June 2019
Greeted, engaged and solved current customers issues.
Restocked edible materials (e.g. desserts, pastries, bread)/ organized and clean displays/overall cafe.
Prepared beverages (e.g. cappuccinos, lattes, Ice tea).
Monitored food to prevent spoilage.
Maintained neat and sanitary displays; cleaned 3 times during 8 hour period.
Operated cash register and attended incoming customers; verify and fulfill orders. Cm
Closed Store, ensuring store met sanitary standards at the end of each shift.
Make certain customers leave satisfied.

aritzia, Paris baguette