Ben's Resume
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Location: San Francisco, CA, USA
School: Academy of Art University
Field of study: Motion Picture and Television

Ben's Resume

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Production Assistant ​|​ ​Television Production
● Moved the equipment from the truck into a contained area.
● Went on grocery runs to provide food on set.
● Escorted contestants to designated areas and kept tabs on whereabouts. ● Appointed as security for film equipment while shooting.
MBT MARKETING ​PORTLAND, OR ​01​/​19​ - ​06​/​19 Video Production Intern ​|​ ​Film Marketing
● Edited training videos and other promotional material.
● Crew member on commercial shoots with PA responsibilities – pickup food,
deliver costumes to appropriate areas, set up the film equipment.
FREELANCE​ VANCOUVER, WA ​08​/​17​ – ​present Videographer/Video Editor ​|​ ​Film Production
● Shoot and edit videos for many different clients including dance companies and refugee education websites.
● Video editor for ​Premiere Dance Center,​ creating a video montage using Premiere Pro; successfully helped promote the studio within a tight deadline.
MEDIA POUCH ​SAN ANTONIO, TX ​04​/​20 ​- ​07​/​20 Video Editor ​|​ ​Film Marketing
● Edited commercial videos and vlogs.
VISION8STUDIO ​PORTLAND, OR ​02​/​17 ​- ​03​/​17 Assistant Director​ ​|​ ​Television Production
● Managed a small crew on set, keeping track of proper lighting and camera positions.
● Coordinated schedule to make sure everything ran smoothly and on time.
● Oversaw set of ​Adventures of #Adulting,​ keeping the set quiet and
B-MAN PICTURES ​VANCOUVER, WA ​12​/​09 ​– ​present Director ​|​ ​Cinematography
● Writer, Director, Cinematographer, and Editor of action films, comedic shorts, horror, and experimental shorts.
● Completed films consisting of a one-man crew for a video channel allowing me to be expressively creative and responsible for every detail.