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Location: Philadelphia, PA, USA
School: N/A
Major: N/A


Flip Flopz
Busboy/Barback/Bartender/Head Bartender
Started: July 2014
Left: seasonal, currently still employeed

My job is to maintain cleanliness of the bar to health department standards, change kegs and CO2, make sure my bar is fully stocked as much as possible, glassware is cleaned and put away, communicate with customers to answer any concerns or questions and find a solution or alternative if possible, schedule employees, monitor inventory of beer/liquor and report to bar manager if we’re running low on a product.

Island Bowl
Start: November 2013
Leave: September 2016
Reason for leaving: was offered another job.
Front counter/food
Accept money from customers, set up lanes, create the schedule, maintain cleanliness on the floor for bowling, greet guests, fix lane “stops” (minor problems in the lane preventing you from bowling), mop spills, barback when needed, coordinate birthday parties and other events.

Bartender, barback, head bartender, supervisor