Assistant teacher
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Location: Andover, MA, USA
School: Sisi cmtes govt of India
Major: Associates (Advance diploma in information technology)

Assistant teacher

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An enthusiastic, caring and qualified Instructional Aide who believes that all children should learn in an environment which is stimulating, comforting and appropriate to children’s abilities; having 4+ years of experience in assisting elementary school students and teachers. Experience in dealing with social, emotional psychological problems of students: and assists the teachers in the classroom and plans for the benefit of the students. An Instructional Aide position with Learning Alliance. Offers skills in managing classroom activities, supporting lead teacher and performing secretarial tasks. Known to create an effective and healthy classroom environment, where I can utilize techniques and acquire new abilities.
Summary of Skills:
• Highly organized and focused to the job responsibilities
• Ability to work with children of different age groups
• Excellent skills using different means of oral, written and digital communication
• Skilled in assisting students and teachers in educational matters
• Strong knowledge of school rules, regulations and procedure
• Excellent knowledge of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Internet
• Strong time management, organizational and multi-tasking skills
• Strong ability to successfully perform instructional activities
• Immense ability to manage difficult and emotional situations of student
• Wide knowledge in principles of child development and instructional processes
• Excellent attention to detail
• Supportive, Understanding ,Creative, Innovative ,Friendly, Funny

Atkinson elementary school Northandover Massachusetts, 111 Philips brook road ,01845
Student monitor/ Noon attendant (Employee No:- 4436 )

 Monitor the kids of grades of 1st, 2nd , and 5th in the absence of teacher and taking care of they work and well behaved in class etc.
 Assist in monitoring students with behavioral issues who come into the front office, that were sent out of class.
 Communicated with the Staff Head /Principal about students activities and behavior
 Supervised classroom and playground activities.
 Assisted students in maintaining discipline and encouraged acceptable behavior.
 Monitored and maintained classroom behavior and activities
 Supervised outdoor activities and trips
 Supervised students in classrooms, halls and cafeterias to ensure safety and compliance to rules.
 Observed and learned different teaching techniques from a pre-school teacher
 Assists the student with personal hygiene needs for the purpose of providing for and/or developing student daily living activities and behavioral skills.
 Encouraged good behavior and engaged children to take part in classroom activities.
 Instructed children in health habits.
 Under teachers direction helped kids

Volunteered more than 3 years for Roberts elementary school Houston Texas
 Assisted the children during classroom and recreational activities
 Worked with small groups of students on field trips
 Helped and Assisted in library by checking in and checking out books for the students
 Performed all other tasks assigned in class under teacher
 Excellent verbal and written communication skills
 Create nurturing, helpful and compassionate environment for children
 Develop curiosity, exploration, and problem-solving skills among children
 Performed simple bookkeeping tasks
 Organized files, folders and office records
 Performed additional tasks given by Teachers

Computer support
Sisi-cmtes computer institute
I worked as a computer operator and Document assistant was also doing office assistance work. Which was involved daily office correspondence and report generations. Basic work with Microsoft Office tool and Google docs ..

Associates Degree in computers(Advance diploma in information technology)
Junior college certificate (Board of Intermediate Education)
High school diploma
QA:- Quality ANALYST persuing ( Get software Services, Canada)
CPR and first Aid ( going on)

Supportive, Understanding , Creative, Innovative , Friendly, Funny