Ashwin Prasanna Resume
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Location: Princeton, NJ, USA
School: Princeton University
Field of Study: Philosophy

Ashwin Prasanna Resume

Ashwin Prasanna
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Princeton University, Princeton, NJ May 2020
A.B. in Philosophy
Relevant Coursework: Cognitive Psychology, Philosophical Logic, Religion and Law, Freedom and Responsibility, Philosophy of Language, Climate: Past, Present, and Future

Senior Thesis: Colors, Sounds, and Qualitative Particulars, advised by Mark Johnston September 2019-May 2020
• Awarded Princeton University’s Dickinson Prize for best thesis in logic or theory of knowledge
• Developed and articulated a complex, original philosophical argument that sounds and colors are not just purely physical phenomena, and can be defined relative to observers
• Accounted for artistically valuable conversations about sounds and colors as apart from their physical sources
• Reviewed and analyzed many complex philosophical texts for an up to date and relevant thesis

Junior Independent Work: Four-Dimensionalism Endangers Value Judgements, advised by Mark Johnston September 2016-January 2017
• Synthesized influential philosophical views on personal identity
• Examined how such views affect the notion of moral responsibility

Crew Member, Five Guys, Costa Mesa, CA September 2018-January 2019
• Supported a diverse group of employees through inclusion and teamwork
• Honestly communicated with supervisor for effective and accountable work

Bookseller, The Hill, Irvine, CA September 2018-October 2018
• Expedited U.C. Irvine’s coursebook rush by addressing immediate student needs for fall course materials
• Organized shelves, directed customers to course books, received and processed orders and books, maintained inventory, ran cash register

Bandleader, Breeder, New York, NY February 2016-January 2018
• Directed and coordinated the alternative rock band for gigs in New York City
• Responded accordingly to roadblocks, e.g. changes in equipment or gig location
• Negotiated deals with bookers and promoters as an artist

Music Chair, Terrace Club, Princeton, NJ November 2016-Novermber 2017
• Managed $100,000 budget for music
• Corresponded with hundreds of musicians and successfully booked biweekly concerts for one year
• Quickly solved high pressure technical problems during crowded concerts
• Provided support and hospitality to diverse groups of musicians
• Instituted a coherent aesthetic of curation for musical concerts
• Negotiated deals with artists or their agents to the satisfaction of all parties

Intern, Macmillan, New York, NY June 2017
• Presented feedback to Macmillan executives (including CEO) to improve their virtual learning programs
• Updated electronic books in their system for accessibility to a greater and more diverse population

Drummer, Princeton Jazz Ensembles, Princeton, NJ September 2014-September 2016
Drummer, Next Generation Jazz Orchestra, Monterey, CA June 2014-September 2014
Drummer, Vail Jazz Workshop, Vail, CO July 2013
Drummer, Brubeck Summer Jazz Colony, Stockton, CA August 2013
Drummer, Jazz Band of America, Indianapolis, IN March 2013

Languages: Conversational in Italian
Technology: Microsoft Office, LaTeX (for typesetting), Logic Pro (for music production)

Comedy, surreal imagery à la David Lynch, and analyzing just about any topic

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