Ashley Harris
Graphic design and Entrepreneurship
Location: Madison, WI, USA
School: University of Wisconsin - Madison
Field of study: Graphic design and Entrepreneurship

Ashley Harris

Professional Profile

Coming from a wide variety of work experiences from sports coach to caterer to
graphic designer, I have learned a variety of things from many different people.
A couple reoccurring themes that have helped me in every situation is a positive
attitude and an attention to detail. In my experiences, I’ve learned that staying
positive and reading the room will result in the most effective outcomes. Amidst the
rest of the skills I have learned along the way, I carry these two into every work
place, ready to be keen to the atmosphere and be a positive light in the environment.


Wisconsin Football | 2019 - Present
As a member of the Wisconsin Football staff and a Student Assistant Graphic Design Intern, I help create
the production for the team, from bag tags, to game graphics, to graphics promoting the team on
social media.
• Print production in mass quantities
• Multi-faceted projects
• Specialize in Adobe Creative Suite
• Page layout and template design
• Microsoft office integrated with Adobe
• Brand licensing, advertising and marketing work

Journal of Undergraduate Science and Technology | 2019 - Present
As the Director of Design for JUST, I collaborate with an executive team and staff to complete the
only scientific journal on the University of Wisconsin - Madison campus. I receive the pieces and then
place them together to complete the puzzle.
• Page layout and template
• Work in all Adobe Creative Suite specifically InDesign
• Event planning
• Collaboration and teamwork
• Cross subject work
• Advertising and social media work
• Mass print work

Middleton Recreation Department | 2015-2019
As a Leader and Coordinator at Middleton Recreation, I helped lead and run a variety of programs for the
community members in the Middleton area.
• Working with a wide variety of people
• Group work
• Problem solving
• On the spot planning/improvising
• Communication
• Organization and planning
• Detailed scheduling and management

Mighty Peace Coffee | 2020 - Present
As the Graphic Designer and Branding Expert, I work on the production for various aspects of the
company, from website design, to designing aid campaigns, to visual and sound editing.
• International collaboration across four continents
• Independent and remote work
• Video and audio editing in Adobe Premier Pro
• Work in Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office and Google Suite
• Website editing and user experience
• Creation of logos, layout, packaging and merchandising, and brand identity

Company NameThe University Book Store Part-time
Dates EmployedJun 2019 – Aug 2019
Location Madison
-Worked primarily with checking out customers and answering inquiries as they arose
-Stocked main floor
-Cash register experience
-Customer service and satisfaction

Company Name Levy Restaurants Part-time
Dates Employed Oct 2018 – Apr 2020
Location Madison, Wisconsin Area
-Worked in suites during Badger sporting events
-Running food from the kitchen to the suites
-Bartended in the suites as well in Kellner Hall, Heritage Hall, and a number of other locations across the Kohl Center and Camp Randall
-Maintained highest quality work during busy times between quarters and halves
-Bartending experience with hard liquor, beer, and wine
-Gained knowledge of several types of beer an wine - allowing me to direct customers towards types they might like
-Gained experience making a wide variety of drinks
-Took part in alcohol safety and food safety meetings