Artist seeking Steady Career
Location: North Charleston, SC, USA
School: Coker University
Major: History

Artist seeking Steady Career

Alston Singletary
4968 Hyde Avenue
North Charleston SC, 29405

Objective My ultimate goal is to have a lasting, rewarding career in art, animation, illustration, and/or sequential artistry, but I majored in history, because of my passion for it and its practicality, as one does not need a degree to be an artist. I hope to have an educational experience working in my city. I want to build relationships, solve problems, and hone my leadership skills. I desire a career that fosters skills in areas such as creative problem solving, planning, artistry, and assisting others. I want to network by making connections and building relationships with those who can offer appropriate tutelage and advice. I have been researching artists and artistry for many years, and I will demonstrate a wealth of knowledge about the art and culture.

Education High School Diploma from Charleston County School of the Arts Class of 2014
5109 B West Enterprise Street
Charleston, SC 29405
Board Scholar
World Scholar
BA with Honors in History Magna Cum Laude from Coker College
Minor in Art from Coker College Graduated in May 2018
300 East College Avenue
Hartsville, SC 29550
Emerging Leaders Program
President's Scholarship Recipient
Susan Coker Watson Scholarship Recipient
Coker College President’s List

Experience Substitute teacher for Charleston County 2018-
After school/summer art teacher for N. Chas. Cultural Arts Dept. 2018-
Worked as a Page at Main Library in Downtown Charleston 2011 and 2017 Award Winning Academic Bowl in high school
Worked with Faculty advisor, Dr. Rhonda Knight of Coker College,
doing paid research for two articles that have been submitted
to the Shakespeare Life and Times Website; findings
have been presented at the South Carolina Independent
Colleges and Universities, Inc. Conference,
and also at Coker’s 10th Annual Student
Study Abroad in Iberian Peninsula December 2017- January 2018
Research Symposium Summer 2016- Spring 2017

Skills/ Successfully completed Integrated Business
Applications Course
Training Proficient in Spanish (Successfully completed Spanish
1, 2, 3, and 4 Honors;
Intensive College Spanish 1012 and Latin American Film course)
Worked with Artist in Residence at CCSD School of the Arts Spring of 2013
Skillful with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and
Clip Studio Paint Pro
Proficient with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel
Minored in Fine Art
Successfully completed History thesis on the
evolution of the Sandman graphic novels Junior Year 2016
Successfully completed Honors Senior thesis:
Maturation of Disney Princesses, findings
shared at Coker Humanities Undergraduate Conference (CHUG) March 2018
Writing and Illustrating a webcomic;
Online Portfolio: ------------
Art Camp in Downtown Charleston Summer 2010
Art Commissions for various individuals

References Nathaniel Gulledge
Email: ------------
Phone: ------------
Department/Office: Art

Alyssa Prince
Phone: ------------
Department/Office: Art

Dr. Kevin Kenyon
Email: ------------
Phone: ------------
Department/Office: Behavioral and Social Science and History

Dr. Shawn Lay  
Email: ------------.
Phone: ------------.
Department/Office: Behavioral and Social Science and History.

Dr. Rhonda Knight
Email: ------------
Phone: ------------
Department/Office: Communication, Language, Literature, and Religion

Dr. Jennifer Borgo
Coker College Honors Director
Email: ------------
Phone: ------------
Department/Office: Science and Mathematics

Superiors at Main Library: Ms. Andria, Mrs. Sarah, and Ms. Darcy.
68 Calhoun Street
Charleston, SC 29401

Bishop Aaron Elliott
4903 Nesbitt Avenue
North Charleston, SC 29406
Phone: ------------
Pastor, Founder, and General Overseer of Little Bethel Church

Art, drawing,