Andrews Resume
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Location: Phoenix, AZ, USA
School: arizona state university
Major: Intermedia

Andrews Resume

Andrew Noble - ------------ - ------------

Corporate, Academic and Creative Opportunities
Faculty Associate at Arizona State University, Paradise Valley Community College and Central Arizona College. January ‘19 - Current
- Currently teaching a3D Tools class, introducing students to advanced manufacturing tools
- Currently teaching Computer Art, Web Design, and Communication Theory classes.
Visual Designer for TCS Construction. Jan ‘17 - Current (project based)
- Designs visual identity for a growing construction company
- Manages their active website at ------------
- Offers on-call graphic design solutions for apparel, marketing, and social media
Instructional Designer/Trainer at Streamline Vacation Rental Software. May ‘18 - August ‘19
- Standardized the training material available to internal employees and existing clients and successfully launched their first Learning Management System.
- The newly launched LMS reduced client on-boarding time by 25%
- Developed software specific curriculum for their new Corporate Housing Software
- Assisted the scrum team write up, test, and communicate new system releases
Research Assistant at 3DVP Lab, ------------. August ‘16 - May ‘18
- Assisted in writing a proposal that constructed a plan to accurately spend $250,000 on visual prototyping equipment at Arizona State University, a leading research school
- Designed relevant tutorials for users to use as supplementary resources
- Monitored bills and material usage. Ensured the equipment remained operational.
CNN Style / HTC VIVE Intern at Design Miami. December ‘16
- Provided solutions for interactive, virtual interviews of industry leading designers
- Collaborated on a documentary film with CNN Style and the United Nations
- Offered on-site assistance for CNN Style video editing and recording

Public Demonstrations, Collaborative Projects and Community Based Workshops:
- New Grounds Mobile, Site Specific, Processing Plant at Phoenix Art Museum, March ‘18
- Campaign ASU 2020 Kickoff - Chase Field, Phoenix AZ. January, ‘17
- STEAM: Workshop at Tempe Center for the Arts, Tempe AZ: July ‘16
- Process 3D Data at International Sculpture Center Conference, Phoenix, AZ: November ‘15
- TINKERKIDS at Shemer Art Center, August ‘16 - December ‘16
- Why Sustainability should ..” - with The UN, CNN Style, at DesignMiami December ‘16

Academic Qualifications:
Master of Fine Art (MFA) in Intermedia, Arizona State University, Arizona. May ‘18
Bachelors (BA) in Graphic Design, Winona State University, Minnesota. May ‘15

Applicable Skills:
I move fluidly between Adobe Suite platforms to create different communication deliverables. My knowledge in HTML & CSS, Arduino & Python is used for both functional design projects and conceptual art projects. My 3D modeling and rapid prototyping skills are utilized when objects with dimension are required. I am time oriented, ecologically conscious, a user of non-linear ideation, an interdisciplinary thinker, team member, self-learner & troubleshooter. An eager listener and am a passionate stress compartmentalizer.

graphic design, web design, project management