Andrew Tudor Resume
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Location: West Orange, NJ, USA
School: The Pennsylvania State University
Major: Telecommunications

Andrew Tudor Resume

• Served as the lead sound recordist, audio technician & boom operator, Short Film, The 27 Club, Brooklyn, NY
August 2019
o Lead the audio department consisting of myself & two boom operators
o Simultaneously mixed up to three channels (2 lavs, 1 boom) using Zoom H6 handheld mixer
o Operated boom mic during some scenes (Sennheiser MKH 416)
o Responsible for properly placing & hiding lavalier mics (Sennheiser) on actors
o Sole audio equipment technician on-set
• Worked with the audio department to ensure the recording of flawless audio, Short Film, Tenderly, Brooklyn, NY
May 2019 – June 2019
o Operated wireless boom mic & pole setup, occasionally mixed using
Sound Devices 688 portable mixer
o Communicated with the sound mixer to ensure the best quality audio
• Lead a team of production assistants in a variety of on-set tasks, Short Film, Sketchy, Manhattan, NY
May 2019 - June 2019
o Served as the primary PA on set, responsible for oversight of other on-set PAs,
as well as:
 Art/prop direction
 Lighting
 Audio testing
 Equipment management/maintenance
 Shot slating
 Swing gang
 Store runs
• Served as the sole editor on projects as well as the sole production assistant on shoots as an intern at Surreel Films, Manhattan, New York City, NY
Fall 2017, Summer 2018
o Assembled and edited multiple projects from start to finish with remote supervision
o Maintained direct contact and communications with clients
o Assisted on shoots in various roles including:
 Camera assistant
 G&E
 Audio technician
 All facets of setup and cleanup

• Helped organize and maintain store equipment as an intern at Gotham Sound, Long Island City, Queens, NY
Summer 2018
o Assisted in day-to-day operations of the shop, including:
 Equipment testing
 Cable coiling and management
 Equipment management
 Equipment organization
o Was given freedom to experiment with and operate numerous audio-related
devices around the shop, including:
 Audio mixers (SD302, SD388, Zoom I8, etc.)
 Audio consoles
 Wired and wireless microphones, dynamic and condenser:
• Lavalier
• Shotgun
• PZM/Boundary

• Livingston High School TV Station, Livingston, NJ
September 2010 – June 2014
o Performed various roles in local productions for both sporting events and town functions, including:
 Producer
 Director and Technical Director
 Audio operator and Camera operator
 Character Generator Operator
 Gaffer
 Video Tape Record Operator

The Pennsylvania State University
• B.A. in Telecommunications, Diploma Expected August 2019
• Relevant Courses:
o Introduction to Film History
o Film Theory
o Introduction to Creative Writing
o Basic Video/Filmmaking
o Advanced Audio Production
o Advanced Video Production
• College Experience:
o Production Assistant on Senior Films, Penn State University
September 2015 – Present
 Perform tasks to aid in production of multiple films made by Senior film students, including:
- Setup/Cleanup
- Gaffing for chase scenes
- Manage Wire/Cord (organization during photography and coiling for organization purposes)
- Manage equipment and help to transport equipment from location to location
- Participate as an extra
o Penn State Network Television
September 2014 – Present
 Assist in the studio, on the floor and in the control room for Penn State Sports Night, a bi-weekly student run and produced television show
- Shoot and edit news packages
- Shoot b-roll and write scripts for various segments
• Proficient with editing software, including:
o Final Cut Pro X
o Adobe Premiere
o Adobe Photoshop
• Experience with both studio and field equipment, including:
o Cameras & Camera equipment (RED, Panasonic, Sony, Canon)
o Field Mixers (Sound Devices, Zoom, Azden, Tascam)
o Miscellaneous audio Equipment (boom pole and mics, lavalier mics,
o Grip & Electric

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