Andrew Mezer Resume
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Location: Chicago, IL, USA
School: Savannah College Of Art And Design
Field of Study: BFA Film and Television

Andrew Mezer Resume

Victory Records, Music Video Producer (2018-Present)
‣ In-house Music Video Producer for major record label. Part of two-man team that is responsible for all aspects of video production.
‣ Preproduction: Create and mange large and small budget shoots, build schedules, location scouting, set building, prop
creation, hiring freelance crew and talent.
‣ Production: Lighting, camera operation, directing crew and talent, overall art direction.
‣ Post-Production: Editing, motion graphics/visual effects, video formating, sound recording.
‣ Work directly with bands to concept unique music videos to convey a songs message and to entice audiences.
‣ Handle online video release including tracking analytics on viewership and curating social media content for our growing audience.
CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY, Cinematographer, Producer, Editor (2020)
‣ Produced, provided creative direction, shot, and edited a product campaign geared at making subversive funny product videos
for the company’s entire line of card packs for ------------.

COMEDY CENTRAL UK, Cinematographer, Producer, Editor (2019)
‣ Directed a pilot presentation for “Card’s Against Humanity Live” optioned by Comedy Central UK.
‣ Oversaw a six camera shoot of a live performance and handled the project’s post-production.

CHANNEL FLUXX, Writer, Director, Show Creator (2018-2019)
‣ Created “Todd Grobin’s Going Away Party” purchased for a six episode season by Channel Fluxx.
‣ Scripted, produced, directed, and edited an hour long comedic series for the entertainment platform.

BRICK 101, Video Producer & Social Media Manager (2018)
‣ Planned, scripted, and produced video entertainment content for a LEGO themed YouTube channel with over 750K subscribers.
‣ Was lead cinematographer, editor, graphic designer, and motion graphics artist for all content.
‣ Organized online release of content to maximize viewership and handled communication with sponsors.
‣ Managed social media outreach to engage with fans and increase the channels reach on a variety of online platforms; including
tracking analytics on viewership and trends to curate content for expanding audience.

TRUTV’S THE CARBONARO EFFECT, Magic Department Magicians Assistant (2016-2017)
‣ Constructed gimmicked props and set pieces to create live magical special effects tricks for a hidden camera TV show on truTV.
‣ Participated in live hidden camera tricks by operating and maintaining gimmicked props during takes.
‣ Oversaw and handled department budget and worked as a liaison between the magic department and all standard production

REELPAWS, Video Editor & Producer (2016)
‣ Video editor and motion graphics creator for internal and commercial videos for a pet focused production and advertising company.
‣ Organized and produced a variety of projects including product photography, commercials, and convention filming.

NICKELODEON’S THE MAGIC HOUR, Writer & Producer (2013-2015)
‣ Writer and producer for short-form children’s animation pilot. Responsible for scripting the pilot and writing materials, such as future
episodes, new characters, and background information used to plan out the show’s first season.
‣ Managed the project’s budget and scheduled animation workflow.
‣ Casted and directed voice actors during production and oversaw the animation process

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