Analyst Resume
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Location: New York, NY, USA
School: University of Texas
Major: Information Technology and Management

Analyst Resume

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University of Texas
Dallas, TX
Master of Information Technology and Management
Dec 2019
Relevant Courses:
Business Analytics , Predictive Analysis, Applied Machine learning, Statistics and
Data Analysis, Data Management, Web Analytics, Agile Project Management, Programming with Data Science
SRM University
Chennai ,India
Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Communications

Programming: Python, R, Java, SQL,SAS

Tools: Excel, Minitab,Studio,Jupyter Notebook,Spyder

Frameworks: ScikitLearn,TensorFlow,Pytorch

Skills: Machine Learning,Deep Learning, AWS
Data Wrangling : Pandas, Numpy
Data Structures: LinkedList, Trees
Data Visualization:
Matplotlib,Plotly , Tableau, Seaborn
Database: Oracle11g,MySql,MapReduce,Hadoop,Spark
Predict Customer Churn

Performed data cleansing, data manipulation and exploratory data analysis to identify, analyze and interpret data to
find out trends/patterns in large data sets using R.

Developed model for the churn rate of a company’s customer and best model was decided by the AUC scores .

Implemented Random Forest classifier ,Decision Tree and Logistic Regression in R.

Enabled the client to target current customers who satisfy those conditions and thus reduce churn significantly.
Kaggle Invasive Species Monitoring

Developed a classification model using pytorch framework.

Generated image label for different invasive species in the areas with the accuracy of 99.06%

Optimized the model performance by setting and tuning the hyperparameters of the model.
Kaggle Titanic Dataset Challenge

Predicted the survival rate of the passengers of Titanic by applying the classification technique.

Implemented Logistic Regression Model for analyzing the dataset of passengers in titanic.

Increased the accuracy of the prediction to 90% by using the alternative model as Random Forest and Decision Tree.
Google Ad Grants online marketing challenge for NGO

Performed statistical and qualitative data analysis on previously collected data.

Initiated 3 campaigns for brand awareness and motivating visitors to donate to the organization.

Increased the sales by 20 % and visibility by achieving more than 10K impressions in just 3 weeks.

Provided recommendations that highlight the areas of investment and significant returns.
Spam Classifier for emails

Developed a classification model using support vector machine(SVM) classifier.

Performed data analysis and used sklearn feature extraction to extract features in machine readable format.

Generated a model to classify the email as spam or not spam.

Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Google Ad Grants online marketing challenge

Tableau Desktop Specialist.
: Eligibility to work in the U.S. with 36 months (STEM only) without sponsorship.
Business Analyst, Accenture, Bangalore
July ‘14 Jan ’18

Analyze client’s requirements and processes through document analysis, interviews, workshops and workflow analysis.

Performed business process analysis of current business processes and provided recommendations for improvement.

Developed regression and classification model to predict the churn rate of the customer and reduced it by 1% .

Analyzed data to provide insights into the business which helped to resolve critical issues.

Engaged in hypothesis testing estimation and forecasting to make decisions about company systems and processes.

Automated process modules to test & analyze performance products, increases productivity by 30%.

Created dashboard which described each Sprint details. Extracted, interpreted and analyzed data to identify key metrics
and transform raw data into meaningful, actionable information.

data analyst, python, SQL, Tableau, Visualization, SEO, Google Ads, Web Analyst