Amy Yang Resume
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Location: Dallas, TX, USA
School: Emerson College
Field of study: Film/TV Production

Amy Yang Resume

Resume of Amy Yang


- BA in Film Production, 3.92 Cumulative GPA. Graduating class of 2022, enrolled in the college's Honors Program, and Member of the Dean's List since Fall 2018.


- Topaz Labs, INTERN: Helped in development of a video-editing software using footage filmed at. Utilized footage for teaching the software how to track movement. July to August 2018.

- Peachy Girl Squad (Short Film), PRODUCTION ASSISTANT: Constructed set and props, called slate for filming, acted as part of Grip & Electric by working on lighting. October 2017.

- VA North Texas Health Care System, VOLUNTEER: Designed posters, graphics, and tri-folds for events and offices throughout the hospital. Filmed scenes for PSAs on healthcare and bullying in the workplace. June 2017 to August 2019.


- Journalism Center, TECH SPECIALIST: Manages facilities and equipment checkout. Aids in studio productions as a floor director or a teleprompt operator when necessary. 2018 to present.

- Climate in the City, LOGISTICS TEAM: Contacted interviewees, coordinated locations, and organized camera team on Slack. Winter 2019.

- The 38th Annual EVVY Awards, ASSISTANT TECH MANAGER: Scheduled and transcribed meetings, worked as a technician during shows, and aided in equipment management. 2018 to 2019 school year. 40th College Television Award Nominee.

- Internews, CHYRON OP., ASSIST. EDITOR: Operated both chyron and teleprompter, shaded some scenes, and did basic editing and sound design for the show. Spring 2019.

- You're Going to Love Yourself!, CHYRON OP., TELEPROMPTER: Operated both Chyron and Teleprompter, shaded scenes, and aided in set-up and strike. Fall 2018.


- The Morning After, LOGISTICS EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Tracked budget. Planned craft services, transportation, and equipment. Spring 2020.

- Bostone, ASSOCIATE PRODUCER: Coordinated artists and design. Aided in Set design and Designed logo. Fall 2019.

- The Story-Time Show, LOGISTICS EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Managed budget, post-production,transportation, permits, and craft services. Co-managed hiring, marketing, and set design. Fall 2019.

- Airrobbed, EDITOR, PRODUCER, CINEMATOGRAPHER: Coordinated budget and aided in writing. Created shotlist and filmed. Edited and created graphics for final product. Spring 2019

- Emerson Mag Fashion Film, ASSOCIATE PRODUCER: Contacted locations for filming. Planned motorcycle rental. Created location scout lookbook. Spring 2019.

- Ruth(less), ASSOCIATE PRODUCER: Coordinated and picked up craft services. Managed equipment transportation and U-Haul rental.


- We Never Left, EDITOR & LOGISTICS PRODUCER: Podcast. Organized crew, edited audio files.
- Held positions in Script Supervising, Gaffing, and Art Team.


- Graphic Design
- Microsoft Office
- Adobe Suite
- Various Social Media Platforms
- Slack
- Zoom
- Fluent in Chinese, Working knowledge of Spanish, Working knowledge of French