Amanda Carter
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Location: Topeka, KS, USA
School: Boise State
Major: Illustration

Amanda Carter

Amanda Carter
1616 SW Western Ave, Apt 2
Topeka, KS 66604

A young professional with excellent communication and technology skills, experience in managing retail businesses online, in-person retail positions, foodservice skills as well as transcription.

Self-Employed/Contractor; Transcription - Topeka, Kansas— 2017 - Current
Maintained several various transcription positions through several different freelance/contract companies. Transcribed medical content, legal content, business content and general available projects sucessfully.
Familliar with both clean verbatim and strict verbatim. Able to work from PC with Windows 10 with Express Scribe and a footpedal.

Self-Employed; Boise, Idaho — 2017 - Current
Created and maintained several online retail businesses on large online marketplaces. Responsible for product sourcing and listing, inventory management, customer service, shipping products, and photography.

Taffy Treasures; Boise, Idaho — 2015 - 2017
Worked as the cashier, customer service, visual manager, commissioned for several pieces of decorative mural work, and general store functions. Assisted owners in implementing new idea and policies.

Barista, Teavana; Boise, Idaho 2013 - 2016
Serving drinks, preparing samples, organizing back room and stock, ordering product, managing private events, assisting wherever needed on sales floor, extensive use of POS.

West Boise Rotary Club; Boise, Idaho — 2012 - Current
Volunteered at the Ironman Race downtown to hand out water to cyclists, Rake Up Boise, local and international service.

Secretary, Lumen Software; Kansas City, Missouri — 2010
Worked with customers, organized a customer conference, faxed, filed paperwork.

Boise State University, Boise, Idaho — Illustration, 2014–2017

Microsoft Word, Excel, general computer skills.
Part-time/temporary transcription jobs through Amazon Mechanical Turk and Rev, various other transcription platforms including topics such as legal, medical, business etc.
Managerial Experience
Over ten years of art experience in various mediums, including but not limited to: painting, illustration, ceramics, and fiber arts.


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