Alyssa Pritchard Resume
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Location: Colorado Springs, CO, USA
School: Pikes Peak Community College
Major: Interior Design

Alyssa Pritchard Resume


US Air Force, Schriever — PEX Support Specialist
Summer 2019
During this internship, I was trained to audit and teach military personnel how to use the newest government-issued personnel software. I answered questions about this system through phone calls, emails, and face-to-face interaction. This job provided experience in professionalism, technology and customer service.

Plato’s Closet, Citadel — Buyer, Floor Manager, Tagger
February-June 2019
Working on my feet all day, becoming skillful under pressure, catering to customers’ every need, and adapting to the manager’s work style and learning about extreme organization are just a few skills learned from this surprisingly rigorous job. In Plato’s I built skills of patience, teamwork, and on-the-spot problem-solving.

Freddy’s, Voyager — Register, Custard, Drive-Thru
January-June 2019
Freddy’s, like most of my other jobs, was always busy, allowing me to improve memorization, multitasking, and adaptability. Thinking on my feet is a useful skill I’ve gained from my work experiences.


Rampart High School, Colorado Springs — Diploma
My years in high school taught me this: I am passionate about overachieving. A testimony to this, I simultaneously completed AP classes, attended college, participated in theatre, held a seat in the thespian club and worked at two part-time jobs. Additionally, I took courses during my summer breaks so as to graduate a year ahead of schedule.

Pikes Peak Community College, Downtown— Associates
Learning as much as I can has always been a passion of mine, and when I discovered that it was possible to enroll concurrently, I jumped at the chance to work on my associates, hopefully completing it during my gap year, 2021. This taught me the importance of time management and creativity, as well as challenging my efficiency and expanding my capacity for energy.

-Customer service
-Quick Learner/Adaptable
- Works Well Under Pressure
-Team player
-Leadership/Decision Making

Directing-Last year I had the privilege of being selected for a directing/leadership class, where I oversaw directing 17 actors in a play adapted from a Shakespeare comedy. The satisfaction of teambuilding and achieving this project gave me is something I want to pursue in life.
Design- As of January, I began my bachelor’s degree in interior design and have since taken up the passion of perfecting and implementing functionality in the places around me as best I can.

English and French

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interior design, hard worker, multitask, team player, passionate, energetic, personable, organized