Alexander Valdez
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Location: Glendale, CA, USA
School: California Polytechnic State University, Pomona
Field of Study: Electrical and Computer Engineering

Alexander Valdez

Alexander M. Valdez
------------ • 1174 Verona Place, Pomona, CA 91766 (Willing to Relocate)
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Professional Experience
Extron Electronics – Anaheim, CA – Manufacturing Engineering Intern [April 2019 – May 2020]
❖ Designed and developed various projects to automate, streamline, and reduce costs in the
manufacturing process
❖ Responded to production line issues with solutions ranging from 3D printed assist fixtures to autonomous projects
❖ Researched alternatives for the company’s most used adhesives to save costs and mitigate health risks to employees
Tom Tech Engineering Inc - Montrose, CA - Electrical Design Intern [December 2018- March 2019]
❖ Used AutoCAD to design 2D electrical wireframe drawings for various residential and commercial buildings
❖ Collaborated with mechanical engineers, architects, and electricians to deliver construction plans for clients
GRID Alternatives Residential Solar PV - Inland Empire, CA – Volunteer [Spring Break 2017]
❖ Assembled and attached roof rail mounting system for solar panels and the micro-inverter system
❖ Wired all panels with MC4 connectors, ran wiring in conduits and adhered to National Electric Code (NEC) standards
Projects & Skills
Wire Bender Machine (Extron Electronics) [Solo Project / July 2019- February 2020]
❖ Programmed an Arduino Nano (C++) to control 3 stepper and 4 servo motors to automatically bend and cut wires
❖ Created a graphic user interface (GUI) with Microsoft Visual Studios (C#) for workers to control the machine.
❖ Designed 3D printed parts on SolidWorks and used our machine shop to make custom metal and wood parts
Amp Alert (Extron Electronics) [Solo Project / May 2019- November 2019]
❖ Developed a product that prevents electrical fires by opening a relay contact on the live wire of the 120VAC input
❖ Implements a current transformer, an ADC, a Raspberry Pi Zero (Python), a custom PCB, an LCD display, and more
❖ Created a GUI (C#) to display and record real time data of the system of Amp Alert units within the building
Conveyor Belt Automation (Extron Electronics) [Team Project / November 2019- December 2019]
❖ Incorporated industrial push buttons, photoelectric sensors, and a PLC to control 480 V conveyor belt motors
❖ Utilized emergency switches and professional wire management to improve the systems safety and reliability
Boy’s Republic Ponderosa Senior Project [Motors and Components Subgroup Member / September 219- May 2020]
❖ This group project automates part of Christmas wreath production by replacing two paint sprayer’s job with one robot
❖ Computer vision capable Jetson TX2 board controls stepper motors and pneumatics to track and spray wreaths
Motorized Electric Longboard and Scooter [Longboard completed March 2018 and Scooter completed Jam 2020]
❖ Built these with LiPo batteries, induction motors, programmable speed controllers, and custom 3D printed parts
Autonomous Ground Vehicle (ETE 499 Project) [Motors, Batteries, and Drive Train Lead / Fall Semester 2018]
❖ Created the power train using DC stepper motors, Adafruit motor shields, NiCd batteries, and an Arduino Nano
❖ Developed encoders, microphones, and ultrasonic sensors into the autonomous functions of the robot.
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, [September 2015 - May 2020]
B.S. Electronics Systems Engineering Technology GPA: 3.36
President and Deans’ Honor List [2015-2017]
Organizations & Societies
❖ Cal Poly Pomona Martial Arts Sports Club – President [2017 – 2018], Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Coach [2016- Present]
❖ Southern California Engineering Technologists Association – Club Member [September 2017 – May 2019]
❖ Sigma Chi Fraternity and Interfraternity Council – Risk Management Chairman [Spring 2018 - Present]

Manufacturing Engineer, Electrical Engineer