Alexa Grobelny
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Location: Snohomish, WA, USA
School: Virginia Tech
Major: Food Science and Technology

Alexa Grobelny

Alexa Grobelny Permanent Address:
------------ 6102 130th PL SE
------------ Snohomish, WA 98296


B.S. in Food Science and Technology
Graduation: December 2017
Virginia Tech, Blacksburg VA
Overall GPA: 2.86/4.00
Minor in Leadership Studies for the Civic Professions
● Related Courses: food processing, quality assurance, food analysis, food chemistry, microbiology, product development, beer brewing lab, wine science and sensory, multiple management courses, and lab experience.
● Certifications: HACCP trained, ServSafe, Better Process Control.
Corps of Cadets: Military style leader development program that teaches discipline, physical fitness, time management, professionalism, morality and ethics through daily activities and interactions with peers, subordinates, and superiors. QPR suicide prevention and RAD self-defense certified.

Work Experience

D.P. Dough Calzones Blacksburg, VA
Kitchen Staff March - April 2018
● Part time: worked in the kitchen to make calzones and various sides, restocked and prepped the raw ingredients as needed, worked at the front register to take orders in person and over the phone, assisted with daily cleaning tasks including dishes. Experience working busy weekend nights.
Jackson Family Wines Santa Rosa, CA
Production and Bottling Operations Intern June - August 2017
● 40hrs/week; worked independently at the production facility to monitor the efficiency of the bottling process. Tasks included recording and analyzing data in order to create solutions to improve efficiency. Developed a solution by creating a 50-page SOP for machine setup to eliminate an average of 90 minutes of stopped production time due to set up errors. Experience with bottling and packaging processes.

B/E Aerospace Everett, WA
Engineering Intern June - August 2016
● 29hrs/week; worked with a group of 4 interns to mechanically test the strength and flammability of 8 new materials from 5 fabricators to qualify for the use in aircraft interiors. Experience includes physical and mechanical testing of over 2500 test coupons, analyzing 160 individual datasets supporting 20 test reports, developing instructional procedures, weekly progress reporting, process control, and group collaboration.

College Activities

Corps of Cadets August 2013 - May 2017
● Executive Officer – Fall 2016: Second in command of a company of over 90 cadets. Responsibilities include: taking accountability, monitoring physical training, and overseeing daily activities
● Morale Officer – Event planning for a group of 85 cadets and organized a joint service project for 175 cadets.

alpha Kappa Delta Phi Sorority August 2014 - December 2017
● Multicultural Asian American interest sorority oriented towards sisterhood, scholarship, leadership, and Asian American Awareness. The sorority supports the AVON Breast Cancer Crusade, and is active in the local community through service and with multiple collegiate leadership positions.

Sash and Sabre Service Organization January 2014 - May 2017
● Service organization affiliated with the Corps of Cadets, we perform sabre arches for various events such as the Corps Military Ball and weddings. Over 200 recorded service hours from above dates.
● Set up, cook, and serve breakfast to the homeless at Blacksburg Baptist Church every Saturday morning.

Food Science, Beer, Wine