Alex Newberry Resume
Location: Macon, GA, USA
School: The University of Georgia
Major: Journalism

Alex Newberry Resume

The University of Georgia
Bachelor of the Arts in Journalism; Minor in Film Studies
Athens, GA Graduated May 12, 2018

About Me
Since graduating from college, I’ve made a living freelancing in the world of film and television. While my passion still very much lies with media, the value of teamwork, perseverance, problem-solving, and steadfast determination, I am interested in leaving the freelance world of film in favor of returning to my passion for photojournalism, videography and print media. The qualities that I have learned working in film/ media over the years are something that I will bring with me to any opportunity that comes my way. I am a hard worker, a fast learner, and eager to prove myself.

Co-Founder: Burning Triangle Productions- Macon, GA
Director/Producer for Local Commercials/ Two Political Campaigns
April 2018- June 2019
-Oversaw all aspects of day to day operations, specializing in the creation of public content and advertisements, including two political campaigns and multiple local business ads.

Video Production Services – Valdosta State University Valdosta, GA Honed both conversational and critical thinking skills in front of and behind camera
August 2013- December 2015
-Worked as an interviewer and camera operator for live events, and editor for archived videos that weren’t immediately streamed to an online source.

13WMAZ- Local News Affiliate- Macon, GA
Learned early how to cover live events, and to meet deadlines
-Worked as a camera operator for Friday Night Football segments while still in high school, including one week having the most viewed clip in the nation.

Independent Film Director- Atlanta, GA
Developed team building, management, and negotiation skills for success
-Negotiated with location owners, police and fire departments in order to procure rights to film on private property, worked with actors/legal counsel to create contracts, and oversaw production from beginning to end for a total of six films.

Creative Skills
-Proficient in Microsoft (Word, Excel)
-Proficient with entire Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, Premiere, etc.)
-Typing proficiency at 90 words a minute
-Experienced in on-set teamwork, and accustomed to working long hours
-Fast learner and a hard worker

Honors/ Awards
-Golden Eagle Recipient for Excellent Achievement in Technology (Received for Documentary Short "A Perfect World")
-National Literary Society Award (Multiple Year Recipient)

Journalism, Videography, Film, Media