Administrative Assistant
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Location: College Park, MD, USA
School: University of Maryland
Field of Study: Family Science

Administrative Assistant

University of Maryland, College Park, MD Anticipated Graduation: May 2021
Dean’s List: Fall 2017 - Fall 2019, School of Public Health, College Park, MD
Bachelor of Family Science, Minor in Nonprofit Leadership & Student Innovation
Cumulative GPA: 3.5
Professional Experience

Assistant Program Manager, Conferences and Visitor Services, College Park, MD
• February 2019 – Present
o Effectively communicated and answered clients’ needs over the phone, email, and in person.
o Process paperwork and input information into database.
o Managed 80 person groups to 4000 person groups including three programs at once.
o Developed interpersonal relationships with clients’ in order to give high-quality customer care service.
o Proficient in Excel which was used to create room assignments for all groups.
o Assists other Assistant Program Managers or Hospitality Supervisors when they need assistance with groups. Worked as a team to accomplish goals.
o Scanned, appropriately titled, and organized files in their appropriate folders.
Resident Assistant, Department of Resident Life, College Park, MD
● May 2019 – Present
○ Organize community activities within on-campus apartment.
○ Provide office hours for residents who need to speak with you.
○ Actively seek relationships with others in the residence halls throughout the semester.
○ Communicate and develop interpersonal relationships with residents.
○ Provide resources for students who are seeking help.
○ Assists other Resident Assistants when they need coverage for duty.
Peer Advisor, School of Public Health: Center for Academic Success and Achievement, College Park, MD
● May 2018 – May 2019
○ Answer phone calls and responded to emails with efficiency.
○ Effectively communicated to students needs in person and in workshops.
○ Scan, copy, and/or file student documents.
○ Lead 15 academic-plan and change of major workshops in a single semester.

Skills and Strengths

Technology: Scan and electronically file students’ academic files as well as documents for staff/faculty and students, Proficiency in Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and Google applications.
Skills: Leadership, communication, time management, adaptability, academic advising, adaptability.

Team, Excel, University of Maryland