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Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA
School: California State university-Northridge
Major: Computer Engineering


Aditya Tiwari
Northridge, C.A, 91324 Mobile No.------------
E-mail: ------------ Linkedin: ------------

Work Experience:

Junior Software Developer, Smriti Net Com Pvt. Ltd(2016-2018) :
Bug Fixes
Writing Subroutines
Creating Technical Documents
Responsibility of work
Manage Team
Technology Used: C#, Java, JavaScript, Python.
Tools Used: Android Studios, Visual Studios, Python IDE 2.3,Brackets and Sublime text

Android development(Internship, 3 months) : Created UI with views which were dynamically filled once user connects to internet, developed Sql Lite database for adding, deleting or editing the data received by the user, login page and authentication, parsing json files to be loaded into the UI

Android App for Visually Challenged: Developed app which uses google text to speech and speech to text API to recognize commands and reply accordingly, Image to text API for converting memes to text, goal was making memes accessible to visually impaired and blind people.
Created a tool for creating shapes (Unity and C#) : Developed a class project which can be used to develop and simulate different shapes from scratch. Developed modular, reusable code along with integrating different scripts, technical documentation and code revision in UML formatting
Created Image Warping application(C#): Developed C# application using windows forms which can warp image into various shapes like fish-eyes, spiral etc to understand image processing.
Pop-up game using CSS and HTML: Created a pop-up games using CSS selectors, HTML layout , hover , and properties of CSS like active , hover or clicked to spot the penguin on the page.
Drawing canvas using Javascript API, HTML and CSS: Using javascript API, html and Css created a page which can be used as canvas along with rudimentary tools required for drawing purpose
Lie Detector circuit using Arduino: Undergraduate project, developed two modules, one uses galvanics skin response and other uses change in heart beat to detect if person is lying or not.
Programmed Risc-V processor(Verilog): Wrote modules including RAM, ROM, ALU , Registers and latches for RISC-V architecture in verilog along with test bench
Prolog : Solved four logical puzzels for Artificial intelligence class

Undergraduation (B.Tech, 2011-2015) : Electronics and Communication Engineering , UIT-R.G.P.V, GPA - 3.33
Graduation(M.S Fall 2018- Spring 2020) : Computer Engineering, California State University Northridge.

Hobbies: Solve problem in C#, play guitar, Exercise , read books on Self-help, fiction, A.I, Self improvement, learn new language, go out with friends and family.

Experience in working with Android Studios
Experience in working with Developing environment like Brackets, sublime text(for web development)
Knowledge of net-beans
Proficient in verbal and written communication
Knowledge of Xilinx and Linux
Familiarity of Unity environment
Knowledge of python
Know Html, javascript and CSS

Android, Java, Prolog, Project,