Adelaide Peck
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Location: London, UK
School: Birmingham City University
Major: Media and Communications (Music Business)

Adelaide Peck

University graduate with high interest in the A&R Music Production UK job market. Driven, charismatic and reliable. High level of interpersonal skills gained from extensive experience in front of house positions. Management of my own start-up music production projects have enhanced my ability to work both independently and as part of a team, as well as using initiative to complete tasks and delegate jobs where necessary. It has also given me great amounts of practice and insight into financial and marketing aspects of all record labels, of which I can now work to a professional standard in extreme detail. The label I have currently built myself, of which I lead all aspects of production marketing and A &R, is a small production label created from scratch as part of a ‘Buskers of London’ album project called ​Anonymous Sound​.
● ​Logic Pro X
● ​Very experienced in face-to-face customer interaction, always maintaining a calm and level head.
● ​Good understanding of current trends and music news.
● ​Punctual and keen to undertake all areas of work.
● ​Large amounts of music experience in singing, production and management.
● ​Singing, dance and drama experience
● ​Music production (in practice) using logic
Pro, FL Studio and GarageBand ● ​Fast and efficient in most roles,including music programming
● ​music and artist promotion in-field experience
● ​Social media (practice in media marketing schemes in a professional environment)
● ​Logical with high precision to detail
● ​Computer literate, extensive knowledge of Office programs and IT solutions.
● ​On stage and back-stage experience as a performer and manager
04/02/2018– ​NOW ​HEAD MUSIC​/ ​ALBUM PRODUCER​, ​ANONYMOUS SOUND ​Current project: ‘Anonymous London’, ​Buskers around London; feature album. (ongoing project) soon to be available online and potentially vinyl. Lead on music production, artist management and marketing/promotion for the album. Responsibilities such as sourcing suppliers and vendors for all artist and album merchandise and managing the merchandise critical path from point of order to delivery of consumers was all included in my role. Booking meetings, gigs, and recording sessions at Copper Brown Studios (Finchley) including travel and accommodation were also under my control. interacting with PR companies and utilizing funding campaigns help me fund this process; giving me in-industry experience to successfully set up creative content for artists social media including music and marketing videos, marketing photography and AV clips. All aspects of this project (to give me great insight knowledge into the working music business) were led by myself.
28/08/18 – 08/04/19 ​TRAVELING AUSTRALIA, ​A&R TRAVEL SCOUT Travelling before full time work was a necessary choice ​to make and gave me a lot of insight. Whilst travelling approaching buskers for potential future projects gave me practice in professional A & R. Approaching artists such as ​Tones and I ​( who has now hit number 1 and 2 on the Australian independent music chart with a sold out tour within 2 months of being signed​)​, before they were signed by larger labels, gave me understanding in the professional context of A & R and refined my understanding around the legalities of signing a new unsigned artist. Success has followed the artists I have approached which gives me confidence in having a professional and well-understood approach to A & R. Keeping communications with these artists has also been very successful and has given me a larger understanding into the heart of the contemporary music scene in Australia.
07/01/18 – 02/02/18 ​ASSISTANT HEAD OF MUSIC, ​RELOAD RADIO UK Two-week live project: Music programming at a professional level. ​Understanding the needs of listeners nationwide, whilst working as part of a team in a busy, time limited environment. Great communication and organization skills obtained. 24/7 running of specified music programming gave me professional practice in understanding consumer wants and needs and how to approach the target audience successfully. With prior music knowledge and practice, I enhanced my duties within my role by using creative strategies to gain more listeners for our radio station; Reload Radio. Editing and mixing tracks were also part of this role.

events over 3 years): ​Greet artists on arrival into the festival. I​ n charge of artist relations roles ​as well as organizing ticket sales, work shop enquiries and complaints. Sitting in on more well-renowned artists was also a role I received,
helping with crowd control and tending to need of artists and spokesman. Personal management of artists was a role included and gave me experience in dealing with individual producers, artists and their managers. Positive feedback on my organization and detail was always given.
14/09/2016 -​NOW ​R​ETAIL PERSONAL ASSISTANT​, ​JIGSAW CLOTHING ​Part-Time: High level of professional customer service, with detail in understanding the products and their materials, care and origin. ​Positive feedback given over my customer relations and intuition in upselling; increasing store income. This role although less challenging than other roles, gave me experience in dealing with difficult customers and issues with ordering, receiving, checking and the maintenance of all equipment. Responsibility was also delegated to me from management due to my capability and attention to detail.
U​NIVERSITY ​Degree in Music Business; gaining practical and theoretical experience within professional music workplace ​environments and all aspects of; alongside project management through all media outlets, such as Radio and Television.
SEPTEMBER ​2015 ​GCE ADVANCED LEVEL​, ​GREAT MARLOW SCHOOL ​Drama ​(Full directorial interpretation of Aristophanes; ‘Lysistrata’ script and monologue (A)​, History (​ Spain 1469-1536), ​English Literature ​(Creative writing in the context of tragedy and comedy (A)​. – grades on request.

Personal interests include singing, piano and sports such as surfing, quad-biking, and rock climbing – alongside being an avid traveler and performer. A radio project in 2017 has enabled me to confidently execute music programming in a professional environment; roles also included editing music, presenting talk shows and the utilization of social media for marketing purposes. Previous experience has also been obtained in the performing arts, including dancing, theatrical acting and ​singing​. Practice as an artist has developed skills in understanding all aspects of performer lifestyles and management needs.
PABLO CAMILLERI, ​Anonymous Sound
L​EXY ​M​ORIATY​, ​Jigsaw Marlow ​Email: ------------ Phone: 01628 485465

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