Adams, Dawn
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Location: Orlando, FL, USA
School: Virginia Tech
Field of Study: Counselor Education

Adams, Dawn

Dawn N. Adams

Education:Master of Arts, Counselor Education ~ May 2018

Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University (Virginia Tech), Blacksburg, VA

Counselor Education: CACREP Accredited, NCATE Accredited

Graduate Certificate, Crime Analysis ~ December 2004

University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL

Bachelor of Science, Biology ~ May 1995

Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA

ProfessionalTherapist – SRT, Inpatient Clinical Mental Health Services ~ February 2019 - Present

Experience:Aspire Health Partners, Orlando, FL

Provide mental health and discharge planning counseling services to clients diagnosed with significant mental health issues and limited resources

Assess client readiness for discharge back into the community or long-term commitment at an appropriate mental health facility for additional treatment and stabilization after a significant crisis episode or history of mental illness

Conduct individual and group therapy sessions to educate and assist clients with appropriate skills to help manage their mental health challenges

Consult with treatment team members in order to identify needs, establish appropriate treatment plans, educate clients on medication management, goal planning, and coping strategies

Identify, locate, and connect clients to resources available in order to promote best possible outcomes

Complete individual assessments to help clients determine the level of care needed as an outpatient

Document daily and weekly client observations and assessments as required by billing entities to ensure the appropriate level of care

MHSS Clinician, Mental Health Skill-building Services ~ June 2018 –December 2018

EHS Support Services, Christiansburg, VA

Provided mental health support services for adults diagnosed with mental health disorders in their home and within the community

Assisted with researching and locating community resources to improve daily living needs for clients and their families

Educated clients on proper socialization skills, financial responsibility, medical compliance, and mental/physical safety

Facilitated with access and utilization of resources for clients on a daily or weekly basis

Intern, Career Development & Guidance ~ September 2017 – May 2018

Roanoke College, Career Services & Professional Development, Salem, VA

Accrued approximately 600 hours of direct and indirect counseling with undergraduate students providing career development, academic enhancement, and holistic wellness skills

Conducted individual growth sessions geared toward academic success

Provided psycho-educational tools and techniques to students preparing for career minded workforce

Participated in meetings to enhance student growth potential, job recruitment, and career mentorship

Communicated with college staff to develop understanding of procedures, tasks and office objectives

Aided with special events and encouraged student participation through promotions and presence

Intern Practicum, Clinical & Guidance ~ January 2017 – May 2017

SOE Mental Health Clinic, Roanoke, VA / Harding Avenue Elementary School, Blacksburg, VA

Practiced didactic experiential application of counseling theories and techniques through clinical and guidance counseling

Conducted individual counseling sessions in clinical and school settings

Facilitated classroom guidance for first, second, and fifth grade students

Observed collaborative meetings with administrators, teachers, and parents to improve the educational process of individual students

Graduate Assistant ~ August 2016 – May 2018

School of Education, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA

Sorted and analyzed data for research, proofed and edited papers submitted for publication

Performed audio transcription of research interviews

Contributed research analysis and composed segments of an ongoing research project to be submitted for educational publication

Proofed and edited print for published book revision

Assisted with research and interpretation of published works for educational growth and awareness

Research Assistant/Data Reductionist ~ October 2015 – August 2017

Virginia Tech Traffic Institute (VTTI), Blacksburg, VA

Observed digital video and parametric data collected for various government sponsored and/or proprietary transportation research projects to enhance transportation safety and mobility

Used proprietary software program to observe and document driver behavior and driving conditions under controlled and/or naturalistic settings

Followed detailed protocols

Performed accurate data inference and entry while paying close attention to detail for long periods of time

Adhered to high standard of data security and confidentiality while working data collected from human subjects

Accounts Receivable Clerk II ~ November 2012 - June 2014

Office of the University Bursar Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA

Represented University Bursar as cashier / customer service representative for students and families associated with university

Provided useful information related to financial and general expectations of the university and student population

Maintained private and confidential regulatory information on behalf of students and the university

Processed financial transactions on behalf of students and the university

Reconciled financial reports and monetary transactions

Law Enforcement Officer/State Trooper ~ June 2005 – October 2012

Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles/Florida Highway Patrol, Troop D Orlando, FL

Promoted from civilian status to high liability law enforcement as result of proven performance and dedication to community service and security

Investigated traffic related incidents and completed written reports

Conducted witness interviews, gathered evidence relevant to criminal violations, testified as an agent of the state in criminal and traffic proceedings

Patrolled neighborhoods, enforced traffic policies and criminal law violations for State of Florida

Assisted motoring public by providing emergency guidance and preventative services

Effected arrests and seizures to aid in civil order

Represented agency as volunteer at local public school to promote community values and potential career paths for elementary aged students

Duty Officer/Dispatcher ~ July 2001 – June 2005

DHSMV/FHP Troop D, Orlando, FL

Monitored and operated two-way based radio system for public and officer safety

Provided emergency and non-emergency assistance to officers on patrol and general public via radio and *FHP call system

Operated effectively in face-paced, high stressed environment to enhance safety and security for law enforcement personnel and general public

Disseminated pertinent information to motoring community and provided essential communications to agency officials as per department regulations

Certificates:CPR & Advanced Life Support

Coursework:Orientation to Professional CounselingTheories of Counseling & Consultation

Counseling TechniquesGroup Counseling

Counseling Diverse PopulationsCareer Development & Information Services

Assessment & Appraisal in CounselingAddictions Counseling

Clinical Mental HealthLife Span Development

Crisis Prevention, Preparedness & ResponseDSM Applications

Expressive & Experiential TechniquesPsychology of Trauma

References and Additional Employment Information Available Upon Request