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Location: New York, NY, USA
School: The City College of New York
Field of study: Chemistry


Ackeem A. Rhooms
1127 Grant Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

City College of New York senior majoring in Chemistry and Anthropology. Interests in laboratory work, computer design, programming and automotive design.

City College of New York (CCNY), New York, NY, 2015-Present
Bachelor of Chemistry, Anthropology, Graduation Spring 2020

Relevant Coursework
Organic Chemistry 1, Organic Chemistry Lab 1, Organic Chemistry 2, Quantitative Analysis Lab, Physical Chemistry 1 and 2, Physical Chemistry Lab 1 and 2, Calculus 1, 2, and 3, Physics 1 and 2, Physics Lab 1 and 2, Biology 1 and 2, Biology Lab 1 and 2, Biochemistry, Inorganic Chemistry

Relevant Lab experiments
X-Ray Diffraction, Mass Spectroscopy, Gas Chromatography, Column Chromatography and Infrared spectroscopy, Cone Calorimeter Combustion and Gasification, Recrystallization, Aldol Condensation, Viscosity of glycerol-water mixture, Vapor pressure and Heat of Vaporization of Liquids, Ultraviolet- visible spectroscopy, Kinetics, Absorption Spectra of Conjugated Dyes, Phase Diagrams of Propanol at 1 atm.

Work Experience
Lab Assistant, The City College of New York, March 2019-Present
• Helped PhD students within an organic chemistry lab with projects that have medical and chemical applications. Used fractional distillation, column chromatography along with NMR spectroscopy in order to make and analyze compounds on the micro scale.

Coach, SoFive, August 2019-Present
• Help to teach children around NYC soccer using fun and energetic themed classes to help students stay interested and focused on improving soccer skills.

Coach, Super Soccer Stars, April 2018-Present
• Help to teach children around NYC soccer using fun and energetic themed classes to help students stay interested and focused on improving soccer skills.

Teacher, City College of New York, 2017
• Taught a class of CCNY freshman students about the fundamentals of life on a college campus using my own firsthand experiences and knowledge for six weeks.

Volunteer, NY Cares, 2017- Current
• Volunteered in food drives for NYC’s needy and homeless.

Volunteer, City Harvest, May 2014- Current
• Volunteered gathering food for the needy within NYC

Intern, School Construction Authority Internship, June-August 2015
• Worked with SCA workers to implement the construction of various schools around NYC.

Intern, Columbia University (Hess Lab), NY, NY, July-August 2013
• Experimented how the roles of Microtubules and Ribosomes changes after switching their roles their function.
• Worked with scientists Amy Lam and Henry Hess

Intern, Mount Sinai Summer Internship, NY, NY, June-August 2012
• Experimented with the effects Red bull, Alcohol, and 5-hour energy drinks have on fruit fly’s reproduction.

Mathematics Tutor, Erasmus Hall High School, 2011-12
• Tutored students’ high school within Mathematics.
• Implemented lesson plans for students to learn lessons within Mathematics

Computer Construction: Have built a fully operational computer from scratch using isolated parts put together.
Programming: Learning how to code for various courses like Physical Chemistry Lab 1 and 2. Can use Jupyter, Terminal, Python, Avogadro, and Excel.

Technical Skills- Educated in technical writing, well versed in computer construction, able to construct and upkeep websites. Able to use Excel and Word efficiently
Key Skills- Communicates well, problem solver, works well under pressure
Core qualities- self-motivated, hardworking, humble, passionate