Abigail's Resume
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Location: Grand Rapids, MN, USA
School: Hamline University
Major: Legal Studies, Psychology, Paralegal Certificate

Abigail's Resume

Abigail Teff
68187 198th Ave., Jacobson, MN 55752 Phone:------------ Email: ------------

BA in Legal Studies
Minor in Psychology
Paralegal Certificate ________________________________________
Hamline University
From: September 2016 to December 2018
Relevant Coursework: Civil Litigation and Trial Practice/Legal Interviewing/ Legal Research and Writing/ Crime in Justice in America/ Abnormal Psychology/ Addictive Disorders/Educational Psychology/Legal Advocacy, Policy and Practice… (etc.)
RELEVANT EXPERIENCE ________________________________________
Intake Specialist: Midwest Disability Law Firm
June 2018-Oct. 2018
Administrative Assistant David Hoy & Associates
Oct. 2018-March 2019
● Working one-on-one with clients/consultations
● Case wants/attorney reviews/Client files
● Working with social security/working with attorneys and therapists
Work Study Student: Project for Pride in Living/Resource Counseling Advocate Intern: Tubman
Sept 2016-May 2018/Jan 2017-May 2017
● Mandated Reporter/Confidentiality/Order for Protection
● Flexibility/Open-Mindedness/Support/Multitasking (Collaboration)
● Being able to work with all people (race, religion, social background)
● Having tough conversations with police officers
TEFL Certified in Florence Italy
March 2019-July 2019
● 120 hour- 1-month course/Learning how to teach English in another country/TEFL Certification
● Learning new environments/diversity/understanding accents and new languages
● Patience/Understanding/Creativity
DFL Delegate Elect/Intern for Keith Ellison for Attorney General
June 2018-Sept. 2018
● Making voter calls/door-knocking/phone banks/computer work
● Traveling to different states/counties to campaign
● Sitting in on court decisions/Hearing discussions/Decision making
Child Care Worker at KidZone of the YMCA/ Child Care Worker for Educare and Camp Wannago
Nov. 2014-Aug. 2016
● Month long training sessions of CPR/First Aid/Lifeguard training/ Child Safety
● Interaction of children (infant-13- of all mental abilities)
● Resolving Conflicts/Working Under Pressure/Following guidelines/laws regarding children
Camp Counselor at Voyageurs Lutheran Ministry/Nanny- for College Nannies and Sitters/ Victoria’s Secret Sales Associate/Server at Sawmill Inn
Summer of 2017/Sept 2016-Sept 2018/ 2014-2016/Aug 2015-Aug 2016
● Patience/Acceptance/Flexibility/ Open-Mindedness
● Use of Imagination/ Creativity/Laughter/ Conversation