Location: San Jose, CA, USA
School: San Jose State University
Major: Communications


Jamie Paz Andrade
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Work Experience:
Heritage Plaza/ School of Arts and Culture
June 24, 2019 - August 2, 2019
GateKeeper/ Counselor
Established security in the work environment.
Created a fun professional place where kids can be themselves.
Built strong bonds with children ages 6 - 13.
Helped in creating a comfortable environment where children were able to express any concerns they had either at home or in school.

Adult, Child, Infant CPR
First Aid
Food Handlers Card

Bilingual - Native Spanish
Excellent customer service skills.
Communication is my passion!
Behavior Management Trained
Believe everyone should be a mandated reporter.

Abraham Lincoln Highschool Graduate in 2018
Silicon Valley Career Technical Education Diploma in 2018
San Jose City College Graduate in 2020, received an AD-T in Communications Studies and as well as a Degree in Liberal Arts- Social and Behavioral Sciences.
I am currently attending San Jose State University as a third-year pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies, as well as continuing my education to become a counselor to help students become greater than they already are!

Volunteer Work:
Volunteering for YMCA’s Camp Campbell, helping children learn about science and explore the outdoors while creating friendly bonds, keeping children safe and comforted.
Ant Swim School - Swim instructor
Enlightened children about pool safety.
Maintained an organized and clean pool.
Facilitated a variety of pool exercises.
Demonstrated swim techniques.

Advocacy Leadership for Immigrant Access Support Services (ALMASS)
In the ALMASS Program, we helped undocumented students (DACA) strive for their academic and personal goals by providing them with resources, workshops, and conferences in order for them to feel comfortable and safe in college and today's society.

Personal Facts about me:
I am a first-generation college student and have gone through many first-hand experiences when dealing with the process of college. I love education and strive to learn something new every day! My goal in life is to become someone that can help our youth succeed and grow inside and out! I have a passion for becoming a teacher and a counselor. I strive for having equality everywhere life takes me and believe everyone is worthy of my time.

Adult Child and infant CPR, Bilingual, College, Counseling, Assistant, Communication