Resume Nishuti Parulekar
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Location: New York, NY, USA
School: Syracuse University
Field of study: Architecture

Resume Nishuti Parulekar

Junior Project Architect
OTJ Architects, New York, NY
Worked with clients one on one to for design test-fits and handled weekly client meetings.
Heavily participated in design development and led test-fits.
Well versed with value engineering process and bid leveling.
Handled permitting process and worked with DOB forms for approvals. Drove documentation production of construction drawings and managed team deadlines.
Handled site surveys and field verification, including coordination with consultants on site.
Developed team communications and information for internal meetings through internal scheduling and project progression charts.
Devoted special emphasis to deadlines and worked towards being
agile towards client requests and changes.

Junior Project Architect
Strata Architects, New York, NY
Led survey team in delivery of field conditions drawings, resulting in further design development.
Took design lead and created design packages for client, including sourcing and choosing finishes.
Handled furniture coordination and vendor inquiries and concerns.

Changing The Present, New York, NY
Designed graphics to comply with marketing outreach for the company. Strengthened company brand and identity by creating distinctive website and logo.
Curated social media content to increase engagement and channel growth.