Giulio C Espinoza Castillo
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Location: Santa Cruz, CA, USA
School: University of California, Santa Cruz
Field of Study: Chemistry. Biochemistry concentration

Giulio C Espinoza Castillo

-Impact Academy (Expected Graduation Date: June, 2017)
-GPA: 3.89
-Chabot Community College
-GPA: 3.5
-University of California, Santa Cruz (Current)
-Proposed major: Bioengineering
Work & Volunteer Experience
-Working at Lorin A. Eden Elementary - Mentoring, reading, and singing to students
-(Oct - Nov, 2013)
-School Improvement and organization of events - planning, beautification and
fundraising (Aug, 2012 - Jun, 2013)
-Internship at Chabot Space and Science Center (8 hrs per week for 9 weeks)
-Whitings Foods - Teamwork, fast learning, and initiative taking (April 2018, May 2018)
-Microsoft: Word, Powerpoint, Excel
-Bilingual: English & Spanish
-Communication Skills
-Able to work in a team/group setting
-Customer Service
-Quick learner
-Always willing to learn
Relevant Coursework
-UCSC Chem 1N lab (Thermodynamics lab)
Hobbies & Interests
-Interested in math and science
-Member of Sudamerica Unida in UCSC
-Passionate about Chemistry and willing to learn
-Classes will be ending June 15, 2018
-Classes will resume September 20, 2018