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Location: Lexington, KY, United States
School: University of KY
Field of Study: Art Studio/Photography

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Sally Elam-PT Good Culture Brand Ambassador
Objective To gain expertise, learn & develop new abilities, substantiate strong interpersonal skills, and to perform with dexterity in a professional environment
Experience Sept 2016-Dec 2016 Fifth Third Bank Lexington, KY
• As a Part time Teller, I have many duties including cash handling,
Check handling, online bill pay, fixing accounts and statements,
Financial assessments, customer service, monetary instruments,
Filing, office duties and emails, using ACE Teller program, and balancing drawers and other accounting tasks
2007-Current 2016 Photographer Lexington, KY
• As a self employed Photographer with NSE Photo, we meet with clients, sign contracts and paperwork, plan events, marketing and advertising, gather information, meet deadlines, lightly travel, and work at odd hours and weekends. This is part-time, as it comes up, side job
2015-Sept 2016 Forever Memories Newborn Photo Supervisor Lexington, KY
KY One East Women’s Center/Hospital
• As a Photography Contractor for Forever Memories, I make appointments, take orders and payments, and sell the photos that are taken to the customer/patient, reschedule appointments
• Meet deadlines, do check-backs, communicate with nurses and NICU
• Follow up with customers, filing of paperwork, and emails
• As an Area Supervisor, I resolve problems, meet sales goals for the month, and train and educate new contractors, Recruit and interview candidates, keep database of new hires and potentials, and interviewed by both phone and in person
• Also this job was very phone-based in both complaints, sales, and scheduling

2015- 2016 Remote Ameriplan Specialist Nationwide, USA
• As an Independent Business Owner and Benefit Specialist, I work from home part time speaking with prospects, leads, and potential clients and trainers over the phone for health plans
• Meet deadlines, attend web meetings and dial in conference calls
• Keep appointments, follow up with clients, meet with clients
• Advertising and marketing of my business
• Filing, applications, and paperwork
2015 The Childcare Network Nicholasville, KY
Lead Teacher
• Duties included structured lesson plans, cleanup, activities, feeding, and charting, servicing parents, assessing, and caring for toddlers
2015 The Kidz Club Medical Facility Lexington, KY
Caregiver Assistant
• Duties include assisting teachers and coworkers with medically fragile children in a daycare environment, diapering, charting, assessing, teaching, servicing parents, and caring for children aged infant to adolescent
1998-2015 The Kroger Company Lexington, KY
Data Integrity Scan Coordinator
• Clerical and managerial duties including typing, schedule-making, filing paperwork, book-keeping, implementation and improvement of current methods, Computer work using ACE, K-web, Citrix, Excel, Word, Kronos for payroll, Outlook, or co-controller, multi-tasking, ordering, supervising, and customer service.
• Customer service which involves Price changing, Sales Ad matching and correcting, Sign making, and dealing with resets of sections of the store to ensure customer convenience, and working all shifts to accommodate store.
• Over the years, I have held many positions within the company that allowed me to gain a lot of abilities such as Supervising &coordinating others, meeting deadlines, sales, cashier, customer service desk, accounting, administrative duties, answering phone calls and complaints, early baker, produce, deli, GM, billing-receiving, stocking, ordering, organization, maintenance of systems/programs, scan reviews, correcting wrong resets, implementing price changes by certain deadlines each/every week, devotion & loyalty, and I have a knack for accuracy!
• Over 17 years experience of Office, Payroll, Administrative, and Customer Service Duties and Tasks, Supervisory Skills
Page 2 2008 Bankers Life Insurance Lexington, KY
Licensed L&H Insurance Agent
• Gained a knowledge of insurance, medical requirements, and government guidelines and deadlines
• Experience in personal conversation, relation, presentation, teamwork, organization, and in meeting the needs of others
• Implemented a fair style, method, and presentation to gain business
Education 2004-2008 University of Kentucky Lexington, KY
• B.A., Art Studio (emphasis in Photography), experience with meeting deadlines for clients or event planning, juggling projects, and making photo contracts
• Graduated with Honors and Deans List (assorted years)
• National Honor Society
• 1998-2003 education in Early Education and Elementary-- have experience with children/adults which gave me strong personal skills and project planning abilities
• Experience in Grading, small group teaching, and making directions clear
Interests • Handling Art projects, Photography, Music, genealogical research, travel, time with family, learning other languages, playing with my son.
• Also a self-employed Photographer on my own time.
Additional Past
Experience 2006-2008 UK Photo Lab Lexington, KY
Photo Volunteer
• Although unpaid, I gained much knowledge in working with others, teamwork, mixing photographic chemicals on a timely basis, book-keeping and record tracking/logging, prioritizing, working out problems, Supervising students, and teaching others
• Experience in fixing enlargers and equipment to keep the lab working optimally, maintenance and cleanliness, and loss prevention & security
• Prepared areas for art shows for other artists, and met tight deadlines
2002-2009 The Kroger Co. Louisville, KY
Misc. Clerk
• Worked in several areas including cashier, accounting, supervising, customer service, produce, salad bar, drug GM, billing-receiving, and pricing, all during the same work week
• Learned how to do tasks efficiently, quickly, and multi-tasked
• Fast learner and organized
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------------ • Can start rather quickly, fast learner
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Sally Elam
December 31, 2016
Lexington, KY

Good Culture/Barefoot,

You may be wondering why a person like myself is applying for this particular position. This position attracted my attention, since it requires many of the skills that I currently have and enjoy. I also would like to try something fresh and new, considering I have loyally worked in a Supervisor and Retail setting for over 18 years. I successfully enjoy my current job, but I am looking to improve myself, and am strongly motivated to make this change possible. I am ready for this change, and feel that the PT Good Culture Brand Ambassador is the route I would like to take. I have experience in many of the skills required for this position, and would love to work part-time.

I am a fast learner, accurate, diverse, honest, and efficient. I have many abilities that can be of use to you, but I hope to exceed all of your expectations and qualifications. Please take the time to review my resume, including my extensive experience and education. Thankfully, I have a B.A. from UK that I feel is very useful in many areas of my life.

I hope I am a likely candidate for working with you, I hope to hear from you soon,

I appreciate your consideration,


Sally Elam