Tenacious, hard-worker
Communication Science
Location: Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
School: University of South Africa
Major: Communication Science

Tenacious, hard-worker

Once eager to pursue my love for classical music and the opera, I have since come to value my passion for communication and the creative environments that I may potentially explore.
I favour changing spaces that allow for innovative thinking and interconnectivity towards a common goal. Serving an organisation that moves towards a healthy, dynamic and necessary societal and/or environmental objective is purposeful to me. I have developed an interest in the advancement of digital businesses – the communication of their strategies and relationship to/with their stakeholders. I am eager to share in processes of change and to contribute my enthusiastic attitude, and ability to connect with people, to all tasks. I have little experience, but value practical and skills-orientated study to further my understanding of this environment.
I seek to engage and move with a tribe advancing a technological future.

Performance, digital marketing, singer, waitress