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Location: Los Angeles, CA, United States
School: UC Davis
Field of Study: Managerial Economics/Art Studio


• Bilingual: Vietnamese
• 6 years of photo and video equipment experience: Sony and Canon
• 6 years of photo and video editing experience: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Bridge, Adobe Lightroom, Camera Raw, Final Cut Pro
• 1 year of studio experience
• Interpersonal skills, Public speaking, Interacting with people at different levels
• Intrapersonal Skills, Analyzing problems (troubleshooting), Maintaining a high level of activity (meeting multiple deadlines)
• Proficient in Microsoft and Google Drive applications

Head photographer • BPN photography (started: 2011)
• Organized photo shoots with extreme care and accommodation
• Over saw all external photographer collaborations
• Deliver pre-edits (24 hours) and post-edits (~72 hours) in a timely manner
• Maintain pristine brand image through Instagram and website advertisement
• Maintain photographer and client relations
• Preform basic Photoshop requests such as skin retouching, body modification, teeth correction, etc. as well as major fixes

Photojournalist • The California Aggie (01/2016-06/2017)
• Capture a wide range of photos ranging from still lives and food to sports, protests, and concerts/events
• Cover breaking news with diligence in fast pace settings: 2-4 hours a week as on-call photographer
• Edit photos using specific guidelines for print and online
• Generate accurate reports for visual captions
• Maintain strong relations with contacts at personal and corporate level

Photo lab assistant • UC Davis art dept. (04/2016-06/2017)
• Maintain digital and film photo labs, as well as the studio space and equipment: Proficient knowledge of B&W darkroom chemicals and operations, Proficient studio lighting and management knowledge
• Print master: in charge of all printing equipment and manage print queues for digital photo classes