Emma Jean Miller
Education: EC-6 Generalist
Location: Cypress, TX, United States
School: Lone Star College System - University Park Campus
Major: Education: EC-6 Generalist

Emma Jean Miller

I want to obtain more real world experience, preferably working with children, while I’m in college and pursuing a degree in education. I’m looking for a part- or full-time job that works with my class schedule.


• Experienced with children
• Conscientious
• Creative
• Team player
• Adaptable
• Problem solving
• Time management
• Word processing
• Keyboarding: approx. 80wpm
• Communication: verbal and written
• Public speaking and performing arts
• I also enjoy DIYs and other arts and crafts


I am a part of the Leadership Team of the Teachers 2 Be club at Lone Star College – University Park. I help run the club, host events and activities, and volunteer regularly.

I was enrolled in the Internment Practices of Education and Training class at Cypress Creek High School. I traveled to Matzke Elementary School three days a week to assist my teacher-mentor in every job-related task she assigned to me. Every so often, I got to teach in front of the class using my original lesson plans. Most often, I helped individual students during independent practice.

I worked at Royal Oaks Country Club’s babysitting service called Tot Stop. I was in charge of up to ten children at once, and I communicated with their parents and made reservations to the Tot Stop. The Club is a forty-minute commute from my home, and often there were no children in the Tot Stop for several hours, which is why I left the job so quickly.

CYPRESS CREEK HIGH SCHOOL • 08/2016 – 05/2017
Last year, as a senior, I devoted myself to Ready, Set, Teach! (RST) and TAFE (Texas Association of Future Educators) Club. My RST mentor teachers as well as my TAFE “adopted” teacher helped to guide me with many teaching opportunities. I assisted them with every teaching aspect, including lesson plans, grading, bulletin boards, etc. I attended a state level competition for TAFE Club and received a 2nd Place red ribbon for creating my own arcade game themed bulletin board.

SEYMOUR HIGH SCHOOL • 08/2015 – 06/2016
Junior year, I attended Seymour High School, where I participated in marching/concert band and theater arts. I resumed my trumpet playing for the year as well as picking up the bells parts during concert band, for which I was the section leader. I was the lead role in “Alice the Brave” by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor for the fall play, and I helped immensely with props and music for “Cinderella Waltz” by Don Nigro for the UIL One Act Play in the spring.

CYPRESS CREEK HIGH SCHOOL • 08/2013 – 05/2015
Sophomore year, I was highly involved with Speech and Debate. I attended most tournaments and had great success as a first year novice. I put in over 30 hours of volunteer work to help run Cypress Creek’s tournament and the Texas Forensics Association State Tournament in El Paso, for which I was specially selected to attend as a member of the Honor Crew. I am part of the National Forensics League and National Speech and Debate Association.

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