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Wellness Coach

Health and Wellbeing Coaching Opportunities at Open Source Wellness

We are hiring coaches for a new Spanish Site! Training will start ASAP.

Where: Hayward Wellness Center, Hayward (Southland Mall)

When: Tuesdays 8:30am-12:00pm (must be consistently available at this time)

$500 signing bonus available!

Open Source Wellness welcomes individuals with professional experience in health coaching, wellness, and/or psychology, as well as those with non-academic, personal experience in these fields, to join our staff team as coaches.

Please read the description below and our website (www.OpenSourceW------------) before applying. Thanks for your interest! We look forward to connecting with you To Apply:
Please send your resume to R------------ along with why you're interested in OSW and any health coaching experience.


Open Source Wellness (OSW) is a “behavioral pharmacy” where basic, trans-diagnostic health behaviors are taught and practiced. Representing the next generation of clinical-community integration and behavioral medicine, OSW is a delivery system for the health practices that underlie physical and psychological health and wellbeing. The core programming consists of movement for all fitness levels, basic mindfulness and stress reduction, nutritious family-style meals (plant-based), and facilitated social support and connection, and is largely facilitated by lay leaders in an intensive cohort-group model. Open Source Wellness is refining models that are based in clinical settings, low-income housing communities, and open-access community settings, and aims to support sustained health behavior change, foster meaningful social connection and belonging, and offset substantial downstream medical costs via community-based generation of the factors upstream from health.

IMAGINE THIS: A doctor informs a patient that she has a chronic disease: pre-diabetes, obesity, cardiac disease, or depression. Instead of saying: “Eat better, move more, here’s a handout, good luck!” - the physician says: “I’ve written you a different kind of prescription – I think of it as a Behavioral
_ Pharmacy. It’s not a class –or a lecture – it’s a community dedicated to wellbeing where members actually cook healthy food, do fun physical movement, and learn stress-reduction together. Once you’ve completed your 3-month prescription, they will help you connect with others in your neighborhood who get together to practice– in fact, there are peer-led gatherings in schools, community centers, and even right here in our clinic – and your whole family is always welcome to join you.”_

Our mission is to transform health outcomes and health equity by creating integrated clinical-community channels for individuals and families to find workable, affordable, and sustainable health behavior solutions. Our coaches work with OSW in two main capacities:

1. Facilitating group coaching and comprehensive wellbeing sessions. They will engage with members of their group in discussion about their current health issues and wellness goals for the future. Coaches participate in physical movement, mindfulness, and a meal alongside participants (meal only for in-person sites). Coaches guide their small coaching groups in facilitated conversation about health and wellbeing goals, challenges, and practices.

2. Forming relationships with group participants to help them foster change in their lives. OSW coaches extend their support by making themselves available for communication and check ins throughout the week via phone and/or text.

OSW coaches commit to the following:

? Consistent and timely weekly attendance at their OSW event(s) (3hrs a week)
? One 30-minute coaching staff team call per week.
? One 60-minute all-coach training/supervision meeting per month
? One 60-minute all-staff Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) discussion
? Preparing and teaching interactive lessons at their site
? Availability to participants via text and/or phone to support participants in achieving their health goals.
? Occasional work on OSW coaching manuals, documentation of the OSW coaching approach, sample content/curriculum, exercises, etc.
? Clear and timely communication with OSW leadership, coaches, and participants.

Opportunities available to mentor interns and advance to site lead positions.

Open Source Wellness is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We welcome all those committed to making a difference in the wellbeing of our communities; people of color, those who speak
Spanish (or another language), and mid-career individuals enthusiastically encouraged to apply!

Payment: Starting Coaches are paid $23 per hour with an expectation of approximately 6.5 hours per site per week. Opportunity to advance to $28.75/hr with Site Leadership.

Requires vaccination records in line with the Clinic’s requirements including COVID Vaccine + Booster, Flu Shot seasonally, and TB test.

Job Type: Part-time

Salary: From $23.00 per hour


Paid time off