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Calgary, AB, Canada
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Sports Data Analyst

Opportunity for exciting and fast paced part-time time work as a Sports Data Analyst for ice hockey games in and around Calgary. If you enjoy ice hockey and would like to become a part of the sports industry, this could be your chance! You will get a thorough training in using the company software which is used for entering the data in order to provide the best analyses of the game as possible.

-You are reliable, committed, organized and honest.
-Above average ice hockey knowledge with regards to the rules of the game, basic tactics and jargon
-Regular availability on weekends and weekday evenings
-Regular internet access.
-Access to Skype and YouTube for meetings and training tools
-Willingness to also learn our soccer software in the spring to cover the Canadian Premier League, a new league starting in 2019.

Steps for applying:

1) Send your CV/Resume to ------------. In the subject line, list the city that you are applying and not the city that you live in.

2) In your email to ------------, please answer the following questions:
• What time commitments do you currently have that could affect your availability to cover games?
• How familiar are you with using smartphones or tablets (1-not familiar, 10-very familiar)?
• What is your background in Ice Hockey? What is your level of knowledge?
• What is your current employment situation? Are you currently looking for or have a full time position?
• What do you foresee your living situation being for the next few years? Could you be moving to a new city in the future?

Thank you and we hope you will be interested in joining our team!"

Kind regards,
Inplay Sports Data

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