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Remote ASST /Cust support

Want to train asap. If you write a good enough response so I really get a good idea of schedule and skills we can just give it a try after 5-10 minute call.

Sorry if I have typos I just rewrote this entire AD, and I am not a perfectionist which is a good thing :)

Help with customers, adding photos, creating instagram and facebook pages, basic asst stuff. You can see the add below and I was looking to pay per activity, but instead I just want to try for $50-150 a week but if it is $150 I want 10 good hours a week, not learning hours where activities take longer. I want to start at $50 move up weekly/bi-weekly and then have bonus for at least helping 3 months I also really want some one till my tennis camp I direct is over at least till end of August. So this is my idea 2 1-2 hour days training then $50 a week, with every week should be adding 10-15$ as you learn do more activities and for the go getter looking for activities could be faster, but the goal by July making over $100 a week and then depending on how much you want to put into it 100-$150 a week by end of August. To make up for 3-4 hours of training the fact the first weeks or months you might be working more hours while learning to do simple tasks that will become easy second nature $25/week back pay paid all at once.

Update: I have someone doing some email support and no phone support so looking f

Ideally has a 10-7 job like tech support, sales, reception with lots of time at work that wants to make some extra income helping email weekdays and to take or make a few phone calls on some weekends. Ideally laptop and phone but all things can be done by smart phone only.

This job is for you if you have another job that is flexible enough to do a few simple email tasks and your schedule will let you have a 2-5 minute conversation every once in while and you are looking for supplemental income only. This is part time but still can extra 4-7 K a year tax free for a simple pleasant job you can do a few minutes a time from anywhere you have a smart phone, then please read on. Looking to interview and train immediately.

Main thing you will be doing is freeing up my time so I can go on vacation or to the movies without having to close out every job. Maybe 1 call maybe 10 calls in a day depending on day of the week and whether I am available (weekends busiest time). Phone call would be: get starting time from employee do math and tell customer what to pay. Employee responsible to collect fee so you are done. Most calls will take 2-4 minutes but since some will take longer every call will be paid $1.50 based on $15/hr.

Other possible work will be based on $12/hr. Great for stay at home parent maybe. I am looking for someone long term that can take or make a call most of the time. Sending out schedule, email to customer that just booked, confirming jobs. These are all email tasks that take just seconds to couple minutes.

Best way to describe this job would be "Micro Part Time Job" this only works if you have an existing flexible job so please don't just send cover letter and resume but also answer questions in the ad, thanks.

Calling back customers who have inquired about service:
When I am busy voice-mail transcript will be emailed to you and you call and tell them price, if they become new customer on top of normal $1.50 per call an additional $1. Again who knows 1 call would be slow day and 10 would be a busy day). The more you let me know your schedule the more calls you can make.

Please tell me where you live, phone experience, what you do for a living and again people who have flexibility to take a few phone calls, do online projects at their job encouraged to apply as I am looking for a long time relationship so this is only ideal if you meet above criteria and are looking for supplemental income only.

Please have pleasant voice, demeanor and customer service skills and be looking for just part time pay and have daytime 10-8 availability 7 days.

Again please reply with where you live, where you work, phone and customer experience along with daily schedule both work and personal.

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