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Mathnasium of Hoboken
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Lead Instructor

Lead Instructor Role:
• Leadership:
o Lead the instructional floor by facilitating the Team Teaching environment.
o Lead Instructors throughout the workday to ensure all students receive proper attention.
o Manage the center environment and resolve escalated student progress and behavioral issues.
o Take accountability of and ensure students are progressing through their session’s workout plan and Mathnasium Hour.
o Take accountability of the formal check-in and check-out process ensuring all students get situated appropriately when entering the center by setting session goals.
o Take accountability of all students completing reflective learning by reflecting on session goals during the checked-out process.
o Coach and motivate Instructors to become better Instructors and help them master how to use the Mathnasium Method to help students learn math.
• Instruction:
o Teach through Mathnasium methodology and terminology, using prescribed teaching practices.
o Ensure Instructors are delivering instruction using the Mathnasium Method, terminology, and methodology.
o Interact with and motivate students during the instructional session.
o Evaluate and document student progress.
o Communicate student needs to the superiors.
o Assist in non-teaching tasks, which may include cleaning, administrative assistance, curriculum preparation, or other duties as assigned.
Lead Instructor Characteristics:
*In addition to characteristics of an excellent Mathnasium Instructor, Mathnasium Lead Instructors possess the following:
Instructional Floor Facilitators:
Lead Instructors must be able to effectively facilitate Mathnasium’s Team-Teaching environment on the instructional floor. Lead Instructors must to keep awareness of the instructional floor at all times and direct Instructors to assist students needing attention.
Lead Instructors must be leaders who can motivate and inspire others to achieve top performance through positive reinforcement and helpful coaching. Lead Instructors must be able to create strong relationships with center staff in order to be effective at leading and coaching. Lead Instructors must be role models on using the Mathnasium Method in providing instruction for students.
Lead Instructors must be a role model and a resource for Instructors to be successful. Lead Instructors must make themselves available to assist and coach subordinates to develop their talent and alleviate any mathematical or behavioral issues.
Lead Instructors must be accountable for students’ session workout plan progress. Lead Instructors must remove learning and/or behavioral obstacles impacting a students’ ability to make progress towards their session’s workout plan. Lead Instructors must make good judgements in difficult situation and be able to resolve student conflicts. Lead Instructors must be passionate in providing math education and making a difference in student learning.

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