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Chiappetta Shoes
Kenosha, WI, USA
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30+ days ago

Content Creator

We are a great shop looking to do BIG things right now and we need content creation support to develop Chiappetta Shoes into an influencer in the footwear world!

First and foremost, Chiappetta Shoes is looking for a strong design mind, someone that can talk the talk when it comes to typography and good design as well as develop engaging content in all channels (newspaper, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube videos, and blogging). The primary tasks of this position will be assisting the head of marketing in content creation.

Primary Qualifications and Skills:

- Adobe Creative Suite including Illustrator, Photoshop, Lightroom, and Premier Pro.
- Photography and Video shooting and editing.
- WordPress website management (including Cornerstone editor).
- Ability to learn footwear and inventory quickly.
- A love for data and organization.
- Ability to buy into the Chiappetta Crew, what we do and who we are.
- Ability to be a leader and help develop a marketing department as we grow.
- Overall awesomeness and a deep knowledge of Italian-American movies.

The groundwork and infrastructure is set for significant growth to scale our brand, personalities, and knowledgebase to the world! We want winners, hustlers, people that know how to grind and scale Chiappetta Shoes to the next level. A multi-tool skills background is most preferable. As our sales and following develops, we are fully committed to hiring more full time positions in content creation so with success, this job will change to full time and we will be looking for more!


- Creative work for entire marketing operation.
- Some advertisement scheduling and placement.
- Blog post creation.
- Website product photography and digital maintenance of website.
- Seasonal window displays assistance.
- Innovation. We want to develop a full department as we grow so developing the processes for in-house work is essential for growth.

Over Chiappetta Shoes' 98 years of business, we have developed a great culture, history, and traditions that we want to share with the world and develop a brand that embodies these traits. Are you the person to help us get to the next level?


2018 KABA Small Business of the Year!

Retail is the most exciting profession where you can meet new people every day and change a life for the better. In our world, technology plays a vital role for the future but personal customer service will always be at the core of what we do. We're people people. Chiappetta Shoes is an essential part of the Kenosha community and as such, our people have to play a part in upholding the values that makes this city great. Being a part of the Chiappetta crew is a responsibility as well as a privilege. Chiappetta Shoes runs with a tight crew. Most of us have been together for years. As a part of this next generation, we are looking for new blood, new faces, and great ideas.

The Chiappetta Shoes culture is very important for everyone in the organization as well as the future. What makes us, us is comprised of these values:

We practice confidence, pride, compassion, and empathy.

When executing problem-solution based sales, these four values are of utmost importance. Confidence comes from knowing what you are talking about and having a deep and wide knowledge base of a customer's problem. Pride comes from offering great solutions, ones that can empower a person to change for the better. Compassion allows us to actually learn and care about a customer. Empathy is what gives our solutions value; we ask ourselves would this be good enough for yourself, for your own mother? One of our mantras is from a Maya Angelou's quote: "...people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

We look to be leaders in our family and community.

Hey we're people people! And as a heritage member of Kenosha and the Southeastern Wisconsin region, we have a name to live up to that has spanned multiple generations. We treat our community like our family, with love, respect, and patience. Chiappetta Shoes has been the elected the Best Shoe Store in Kenosha since 2014 and we intend to keep that run going!

We are shoe dogs.

We love shoes. We study shoes. When we are at church, we are looking at shoes. When we are online, we are looking at shoes. Morning, afternoon, evening... shoes. A shoe dog wants to know what's hot, what's not, and what's next. A shoe dog is a guerrilla marketer at heart that knows the next step for themselves, for their competition, and their vendors. We know shoes so well we could write a book about shoes. That's what a shoe dog is.

We are Guerrillas.

We rely on high energy, imagination, and the unconventional. We are aware of everything; what the new shoes will be for next season, what our competitors are doing and planning, and everything in between. We are contributors; when we spot trends, we report, we analyze, and we profit. Creativity comes from knowledge, and creativity is what creates competitive advantages. Having a smart and imaginative workforce is vital to a small business.

videography, facebook marketing, seo, bloging, instagram, photoshop