Admin/Sales Position
Envision Mold
Vancouver, WA, USA
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30+ days ago

Admin/Sales Position

Seeking well rounded individual for admin/sales based position at a growing mold remediation company. While we recognize this may sound boring, so here is a quick tidbit about our company.

Envision Mold Remediation is a demo-less dry fog technology. This is a patented process to which we hold the Clark county license for. There is a lot of science behind what we do so anyone with that sort of brain will love the work! This is the most efficient remediation process on the market, so a lot of this position will be explaining HOW it works!

Our office is also a coworking space in downtown Vancouver, allowing us to interact and be a part of something bigger during the work day.

So what can you expect in the day to day?

It’s really a mix-bag, but here is the general outline for your day.
Check in daily at the office. This will mainly be you solo after training is complete with intermittent time with owners. This is where you will network, organize the leads you have so far, and start making phone calls. Your homebase.
Air quality testing. We travel to the homeowner’s residence and perform an air quality test. This is a relatively easy process. A lot of this will be people asking questions as you test your ability to deliver your new-found mold knowledge!
As you grow we will transition you into the actual remediation process. Allowing you to perform from start to finish. This is quite easy labor once you get the details down. You will also be compensation extra for this process.
Managing social media platforms. Envision Mold Remediation has 60 followers on instagram that expect nothing but the best content. We know you can give it to them.
There may be some down time as we ramp things up. Envision actually owns 3 other companies, so from time to time you may receive miscellaneous busy work. Don’t sweat it.

What we need from a good applicant?
High school diploma.
Sales experience preferred, not required.
Elementary understanding of, and passion for, science.
Vehicle and ability to drive said vehicle.
Excellent organizational skills.
Excellent interpersonal skills.

Base pay of $12 dollars per hour.
Commision on sales secured and work completed. These will be small commissions that add up rather quickly as you get the hang of things.
Gas reimbursement.

Time commitment will 2-3 days a week for about 16-24 hours total. We would like someone who is open to expanding these hours over time.

Administrative, sales, service