Writer Intern
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BrightHouse, a Boston Consulting Group
Atlanta, GA, USA
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Writer Intern

BrightHouse is looking for a Writer Intern who thinks creatively, writes eloquently, and works enthusiastically. This person will have the following traits: excellent work ethic; exceptional creative instincts; ability to thrive in a collaborative, collegial and pressurized environment; high integrity; excellent judgment and a hungry curiosity.

At least two years of college
Command of the English language
2-3 examples of creative writing (preferably ads, but also stories, blogs…)

A Writer Intern must be extremely coordinated and able to flip between multiple brands, each with a different voice and tone. This is an internship so you don’t need to have any prior work history in a related field, but you do need an impressive portfolio. Because we’ll expect you to:

Reads lots of publications
Contribute creative copy and conceptual ideas for client projects, in the form of headlines, film scripts, purpose lines, narratives, and activation concepts
Concept disruptive things that could change the entire world
Work alongside creative and strategy teammates, staying open to creative direction and understanding the power of collaboration to build an idea or design
Be self-motivated and demonstrate a strong work ethic and flexibility in a fast-paced environment
Think strategically and follow the client brief
Assist wherever needed to support client work
Have multiple causes and charities you care deeply about
Concept for social media and digital applications
BrightHouse is an Atlanta-based creative consultancy that helps companies excavate, articulate and activate their Purpose. In other words, we find the true reason they exist which drives every aspect of their organization from commercial success to social value. BrightHouse helps companies leave a positive mark on the world by transforming brands to stands, by turning consumers into advocates, and by transforming employees into zealots—enabling business to drive positive impact. Our clients have included: Burberry, Bank of Montreal, Beiersdorf, Chevron, Optus Australia, Emory University, and more.

At BrightHouse we believe in harnessing the power of business for social good. We are looking for people who share our values. They should not only want to Light the Wayand make the world a better place, but look to lead and take ownership of their work. They should believe in Intelligence Having Fun, and bring smart fun to their creative work and to their team meetings. They should be able to take people FromWonder? To Wonder!using their creativity to problem solve and turn question marks into exclamation points. They should believe that Family is Everything, by getting to know our BrightHouse Family, and extend kindness and respect to everyone in the house.
They should believe in the Beauty of Eloquenceand communicate with care and consideration from internal emails to client facing presentations.

The BrightHouse internship program is a paid internship in our Atlanta office over
the summer.