Videographer/Social Media Intern
Curtice Basketball
Tustin, CA, USA
Job Posted:
30+ days ago

Videographer/Social Media Intern

Hello, my name is Curtice Schabarum, owner of Curtice Basketball. I am a basketball trainer in the Orange County area in need of someone to help take on the responsibility as a videographer & social media marketer for my basketball training business.

We’re looking for a high energy and positive individual interested in learning how to further develop their skills and network as a videographer & digital marketer in the basketball industry.

Responsibilities include:

• Filming myself, other trainers, and our athletes during training sessions
• Help record and edit basketball training videos (training sessions, player breakdowns, games, vlogs, etc.)
• Create relevant content ready to post across social media platforms

Following skills and traits preferred but NOT required:
• Knowledge of basketball and the current trends and culture of the game
• Knowledge of how to use social medias: Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter
• Skilled in taking quality pictures and videos with a camera or I phone
• Editing skills with Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, I-movie, or other picture/video editing software

Following skills and traits ARE required:
• Good attitude and ability to get along with people
• Willingness to learn
• Communication & honesty
• Have to be able to dunk... Jk ;)

Note: This position only involves a couple hours in the gym recording a week, the rest can be done remotely. For most tasks, I’ll have a few outlines of what I’m wanting, but the rest can be up to you. I really want to encourage creativity and independence with this position.

This is not a paid internship; however, I am going to need a part-time videographer in the future and would like to hire someone I have built a relationship with. My goal is to help you reach your goals in a mutually beneficial way, so please be honest and upfront about what you want to achieve with this position, and I will do whatever I can to help you grow. Also, if you’re a fan of basketball, filming and social media, this won’t really feel like work!

If interested, please contact me with your resume, cover letter, and any previous work. Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you!

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