Videographer, Photographer
mamma marketing
New York, NY, USA
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30+ days ago

Videographer, Photographer

We're looking for recent graduates in New York to join our international team.

Your role will start off as an internship, with a 2 week review, a 6 week review and then a final 12 week review. If you pass each stage, this will be a part or full time position.

We are helping small businesses (and medium>large) with their online presence.

Your primary focus will be on small businesses in New York. We manage their websites, social media, advertising and more. Businesses like hairdressers, restaurants, bars and other types of businesses that need to have high-quality content online.

You will be working with a salesperson/client manager in New York where we'll be going to their business to take photos/videos that will be scheduled and posted by our team in Europe.

Please send an email to ------------ to find out more

Our website is ------------

Videographer/Photographer in New York