Video Production Assistant
Fuzzy Puppet
Hollywood, FL, USA
Job Posted:
30+ days ago

Video Production Assistant

We do too much and we need some extra help.

Our YouTube channel, Fuzzy Puppet ( xxx-xxx-xxxx ) receives 300,000 views daily and as more things pile up, we're having less time to create the content for the people to look at. We need help with every aspect of video creation/social media maintenance. We're building an empire here, and we need the best of the best! You will learn A LOT about earning a fulltime income through producing online video content! There will also a chance we will hire you on as part of our fulltime staff if you are a good fit!

Are you perfect for this? If so, HELP US FIND YOU!

Do you love solving problems/shooting/writing? Do you know the difference between their and there? Do you have aspirations of one day being a YouTuber yourself? Are you good at getting good at things? Do you live on the internet and love making videos? Do you freak out when you have to do the same things every day?

Responsibilities will include:

- Assisting with filming videos
- Organizing projects
- Online research
- Updating and integrating our web/social media presence.
- Assistance with correspondence.
- Research
- Running various not-too-glamorous errands.
- Curating online content from a variety of sources.

Bonus points if you:

- Live in the Hollywood FL area - Know your way around a video camera
- Know your way around Photoshop
- Know your way around Premiere and After Effects
- Know how to find artists/comedy writers/other people we may need for various projects
- Are funny/know what is funny


1. Have a passion for film making
2. Be uncommonly organized, disciplined, and capable of seeing projects through to completion.
3. Possess extensive knowledge of the Internet and social media, particularly sites like YouTube/Instagram/Vine/reddit/tumblr.
4. Be able to recognize great content online.
5. Write very well.
6. Have that rare ability to make things easier for the people around you.

Please respond with links to your social media accounts and any samples of work (writing, design, video) that you think will impress us.