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Minneapolis, MN, USA
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Urban Organic Farm Spring Planting Internship (Paid).
Part-time or Full-time –April and May 2020

A Backyard Farm, LLC

A Backyard Farm, (ABYF) provides organic vegetable garden design, installation,
maintenance, and teaching in the urban setting:
From rooftops, patios and parking lots to backyards, businesses, community centers
and collaborations. Our company provides a full array of services to schools,
families, communities, and therapeutic programs. Partner with us to enhance health
and wellness initiatives, support children’s interest in learning about nature and
growing their own food, build community and support for food equity, and growing
high quality, locally organic food.
The focus of this internship/apprenticeship is to provide quality seedling and seed
planting for the spring and summer crops while learning the hands on skills needed
for bio-intensive, succession planting in the urban setting. This Farm Internship is
fast paced and requires a great deal of hard work, focus, and care. It is also deeply

Intern Duties:
• Nursery work includes planting and maintenance of healthy organic
seedlings for distribution to all ABYF sites.
• Execution of strict nursery protocols to ensure healthy growing environment
• With team members, outdoor planting of seeds and seedlings at ABYF farm
sites across the Twin Cities Metro Area
• With mentor, teaching intensive planting skills to homeowners, as well as
children from preschool to high school
• Quality execution of required record keeping and organizational tasks
• Other duties as necessary to meet interns learning goals and the mission and
goals of ABYF

Knowledge and Skills the Intern Will Acquire
• Small scale organic vegetable production techniques including:
-Season extension practices for Minnesota Zone 4B
-Urban growing techniques
-Healthy seedling production
-Direct seeding and transplanting practices
-Soil health and fertility management
-Drip Irrigation systems and moisture management
• Customer and co-worker engagement skills:
-Problem solving
-Attention to detail
-Efficiency and Lean Production skills
• Exposure to operations of a small for profit social enterprise business
specializing in the service and urban agriculture area
• Experience working in a variety of cultural settings
Benefits of Internship/Apprenticeship with ABYF
• Hands-on experience with supervision and support to integrate previous
experience and learning
• Making a positive impact on children, the local food movement, sustainability
issues and organic practices
• Developing marketable skills and career advancement history
• Demonstrating ability to work with a wide variety of settings, cultures, ages
and abilities
• Priority consideration for future ABYF positions upon successful
internship/apprenticeship completion
• College Credit if applicable

• Paid internship: $800 for the first 160 hours, $1000 for second 160 hours,
$10.00 per hour for any further hours.

Structure of the Internship
• Duration is April and May
• Position minimum of 16 hours a week up to 40 hours per week mostly
Monday- Friday 8:00-5:00 with some evening and weekend hours available.
• Intern is supported by ABYF Mentors/Owners
• If internship is for credit, School requirements will be incorporated

We are looking for individuals who are passionate about developing the technical
skills needed to grow local organic food in the urban setting who are customer service
oriented, and want to pursue a career in this area. ABYF promises customers
quality food and services. The Farm Intern must be responsible, dedicated, on time,
organized and fun to be around. While growing experience is desired, it is not
required. This internship is ideal for someone interested in a future in horticulture,
farming, teaching, community organizing, or small business ownership. Ability to
lift 40 pounds, drivers license and cell phone are requirements.
Interested applicants are asked to send their resume and cover letter to:

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