Solar Interns
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Los Angeles, CA, USA
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Solar Interns

EcoMotion is seeking Solar Interns for six-month assignments with solar consulting. During this time, EcoMotion will be completing a seven-rooftop corporate system in Orange County, will be starting a 48-site solar school project in San Diego County, and will be managing a half dozen other solar projects as Owners Representatives. The Solar Interns will be in the field and in EcoMotion’s offices. They will learn fundamental skills in solar consulting, including solar site and financial feasibility involving utility rate structures. They will become proficient with software including Energy Toolbase and Helioscope. They will also model energy storage opportunities for clients including school districts, city and corporate facilities. They will prepare and make presentations to clients on their opportunities for solar, storage, electric mobility, energy efficiency, and smart energy management.

Please submit a cover letter explaining why this internship is important to you and how it fits into your career path. Please also submit a resume and any other work samples that will reinforce your candidacy.

Paid Internship, Solar, Climate Solutions, Sustainability