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Social Media Production Assistant

"What if you were born into my life? How would you be different?" Sundance Finalist Script / Feature Film in Late Development, "Born That Way," is seeking three web savvy, creative self-starters, who know their way around social media to join the team. This position can be performed remotely.

Written and starring Michal Sinnott of "Grand Theft Auto V" and Produced by Kristen Murtha of Sundance Official Selection, "Band Aid," "Born That Way" is a film set in the world of New York City that incorporates a combination of live action and animation, centering around the LGBTQIA+ community, human rights, animal rights, gender equality, racial equality, art, love, and the multiverse.

Has your interest been piqued? Take a look at our Proof-of-Concept trailer here:


If selected, you will be joining our team as a Social Media Production Assistant. You must be HIGHLY experienced in successfully managing two or more of the following platforms:

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and YouTube. *Having built up pages with large followings is greatly preferred.* Experience in working with Wikipedia (adding/editing pages), WordPress, and/or Photoshop are big pluses but are not imperative.

Tasks will include, but are not limited to:

• Semi-independently managing one to three of the listed platforms with confidence and ease.

• Organically boosting likes, followers, comments, and maintaining activity on the platform(s) you are assigned.

• Sharing/reblogging/retweeting/ reposting exciting and relevant content that fits the film's themes.

• Creating original posts that generate traffic and attract new followers, and viewers, as well as filmmakers and production companies.

• Reaching out to various pages and individuals in line with our film to seek out promos and develop connections.

• Partaking in group conference calls via Skype or by phone to touch base with the Social Media Marketing Director and your fellow team members on the progress you've made, general follow-ups, and team brainstorming.

The ideal candidate should:

• Be at least 18 years of age.

• Show real initiative and can work both independently and on a team.

• Be an excellent communicator.

• Be able to provide examples of the social media platforms you have successfully maintained on a personal level, professional level, or both.

• Have a general idea of how to make posts reach virality and be confident in the ability to do so.

• Have an understanding of the algorithm of the platform you are most interested in running and know how to utilize it for the page's benefit.

• Be able to post a MINIMUM of four days a week. Different platforms will require different expectations.

• Have a genuine heart for social activism and awareness.

• Be an individual to naturally keep up with current events/world issues, and be knowledgeable and respectful in doing so.

We are looking for someone who radiates that "love is love" and has an intense enthusiasm for wanting to make a difference in our world. Aside from film content, you will be posting a variety of current news posts/topics, often related to social issues, and sharing posts such as these should be something you naturally do and feel comfortable discussing in an honest light. We are looking for individuals who truly care about the themes represented in "Born That Way," and we are more interested in seeing this kind of enthusiasm shine through than who you are on paper.

If you're the person we're looking for, send an e-mail to Jordan Snowden, our Social Media Marketing Director, at ------------. The subject should list your name and the two platforms you are MOST experienced in/want to be considered for. E.g.: Jordan Snowden - Tumblr & Facebook. If you have extensive experience in more than two, please feel free to list the rest inside of the e-mail. Inside, attach two or more links to the social media pages you've managed/manage that best represent your digital success, your resume, your portfolio if you are a fellow artist, a little bit on what you feel you can bring to the team, and at least 250 words on:

Think about a specific issue in our current America. Best case scenario, how might it be better in a decade? What steps can we start to take to get there?

We sincerely look forward to hearing from you!

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