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------------ is seeking “Recruiters” to refer qualified candidates, using our platform and your social and professional network. What’s in it for you? Cash $$$.

------------ who?
You have a network of lots of awesome people, we offer a way for you to refer those people to amazing job opportunities and pay you to do so in return.

What does a Referrer do?
• Search through the jobs on our platform
• Surface qualified candidates through your social and professional network
• Refer a friend, colleague, or your neighbor next door
• GET PAID a reward throughout the hiring process (accepted candidate apply, interview, hire)
• Repeat and earn more
What does a Referrer get paid?
We understand that every step in the process of referring a great candidate takes time and effort. That’s why we pay our referring community in real time!

While other referral programs make you wait up to 90 days from the date of hire to receive your reward, Preferhired PAYS YOU THE SAME DAY! In fact, Preferhired pays you at multiple steps through the interview process. Get paid for each candidate that’s accepted, when they make it to the interview stage, and at the hire.

Accepted submitted candidate: $50 paid in real time
Interview Scheduled: $100 paid in real time
Hire: $1500 Paid in real time

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