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Abstrax Tech
Irvine, CA, USA
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Assistant R&D chemist is responsible for the blending of weighed raw materials to make a finished product with the highest quality and done in a timely manner. Assistant R&D Chemist will also assist the R&D chemist and Director of R&D with in house and custom product development of new flavors for the food, beverage, and cannabis industries. The position will also include compiling and completing R&D documentation to assist the R&D chemist.

Essential Functions
• Ensures weights, measures and raw materials are managed appropriately to assure batches manufactured contain proper ingredients and quantities
• Keep detail oriented notes of new products being worked on
• Enter new products into the ERP system and communicate with the manufacturing team
• Source new isolates that may be needed for product development
• Think creatively about new products and flavors that would be of value to Abstrax
• Keep a running log of raw isolate inventory.
• Assist manufacturing team with mixing/blending of isolates to make a finished product with tight error margins when needed
Sanitation of equipment and removal of all leftover flavor/fragrance isolates
• Practice Good manufacturing and Housekeeping
Follow all SOPs and Procedures
Maintain a safe work environment
Review completed production documentation (batch records, log books, etc.) for quality and compliance.
• Maintain records and a clean environment to comply with regulatory requirements.
• Ready batches for other shifts
• Complete non-routine jobs as assigned by Director of R&D or R&D Chemist
• Work cooperatively with co-workers and Supervisors
• Maintain regular and punctual attendance at work

R&D Intern, Research, Chemist