Public Relations and Design
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CD Greene
New York, NY, USA
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Public Relations and Design

Responsible for efficient use of labeling of all samples within the showroom

· Assist with approved showroom pulls, from pulling merchandise to tracking returns.
This includes emailing return reminders directly to assistants

· Track all sample shipments to ensure timely returns and arrival of all new merchandise. Take note of all editorial run-throughs and shoot dates in order to follow up as well as checking FedEx to confirm timely arrival

· Assist with managing all incoming sample and design requests.

· Ensure that all outgoing samples are sent out in a timely manner as well as unpacking returns and merchandising into sample racks after checking in

· Greet and handle all messengers for garment bags both returning and going out

· Keep a consistent and detailed Messenger Excel Document up to date as well as the Fedex Excel Document – both saved in our Public Drive Marketing folder

· Assist with tracking all celebrity photos (Getty is a great tool for checking to see what celebs wore)

· Being aware of calendar events and celebrities that have any outstanding product so you are apprised when designs are worn by who/when/where and what to search for

· Oversee department magazine library. Credits labeled within the magazine

· Assist with stylist, VIP and celebrity dressing appointments in the showroom.

· Assist with making swatch books and keeping binders organized

· Assist with social media - posts, content, verbiage, etc

· Manage upkeep of showroom. Must be neat and clean. Any damaged samples must be fixed ASAP. Soiled samples can be sent out for dry cleaning

· Merchandising of samples on the racks by style and color is essential

· Knowledge of pattern room - Organize fabric rolls, assist patternmaker with minor sewing and applications, help keep studio organized and facilitate with the design and production

While we never want to take advantage of our interns – we ensure all projects and tasks are conducive to a learning experience. However, there are a few times when we ask the favor of running an errand to pick up samples outside of the office.

PR, design and development