Paid Federal Training & Leadership Programs
Kansas City, MO, USA
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Paid Federal Training & Leadership Programs

An excellent option for those interested in business, computer science/IT, construction, carpentry, building trades, animal care, education, environmental management, emergency services, forestry, disaster response, public administration, social sciences, law enforcement, homeland security, public health, writing/journalism, counseling, human services, recreation, non-profit services, or careers with local, state or federal government and organizations.

Use these programs as an inroad to federal or state government careers. There are currently over 8,000 federal job openings- gain a competitive edge on future applications and obtain your basic clearance level. Participation is evaluated for federal job applications for the critical competencies, knowledge, skills and valuable training and experience that candidates gain under these programs. Enhance your resume for any future employer or non-profit organization through hands-on experience in your field, as well as skills gained in complementary areas to your degree. Gain management and leadership experience. Earn additional college credits for continuing education.

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